Informações sobre o Fitness Hut Santos

R. do Instituto Industrial 7
1200-225, Lisboa

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • sábado: 09:00 – 19:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 15:00

Conheça o ginásio Fitness Hut em Santos. Um serviço de qualidade a preços baixos. As melhores equipas, espaços e equipamentos. Inscreva-se aqui.

As aulas no Fitness Hut abrangem uma vasta gama de disciplinas. Participe nas aulas de ginástica em grupo mais reconhecidos e eficazes do mundo. Desde ABS Moves a Zumba, passando por BodyCombat ou RPM, vai encontrar pelo menos uma que se encaixe no seu mood. Mais de 150 aulas de grupo por semana, para ganhar resistência física ou para equilibrar a mente. Reserve online a sua presença nas aulas através da APP Fitness Hut Download: IOS - Android

Treine acompanhado por um/a profissional especializado/a que planeia e personaliza a rotina de treino, motiva, corrige a execução técnica e desafia o/a a superar-se dia após dia.

O Aconselhamento Inicial é realizada por um dos nossos personal trainers, e tem como objetivo ajudá-lo/a a compreender melhor o seu programa de treino, face aos objectivos que pretende alcançar.

Nesta sessão, serão explicados os exercícios mais indicados para si de trabalho cardiovascular e de resistência muscular, para que possa seguir o seu treino da forma mais cómoda e segura.

Será também feita uma abordagem ao nosso mapa de aulas, para que saiba ao pormenor que aulas são mais indicadas para si, em função do seu objetivo.

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Marque a sua sessão de Aconselhamento Inicial (AI) on-line seleccionando o seu clube Fitness Hut. De seguida basta escolher um dos Personal Trainers disponíveis e enviar um e-mail com o seu pedido.


Fitness Hut Santos ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Fitness Hut Santos: Opiniões

Moritz Erb 1 month ago

Well equipped gym near the center of Lisbon. Friendly people. Day pass for £8. Would recommend!

Shootme Lisboa 1 month ago

Affordable and well equipped for a small size gym. Low cost.

Sukhpreet Kingra Vlog 2 months ago

Friendly staff

Sebastian Wißmüller 3 months ago

It's crowded when you are there at the wrong time but the Service is Very good and i Love their flexible contracts.

Noelia Barquero 3 months ago

Super clean

rania rahmeh 4 months ago

Also friendly

Juliana Balbino Silva 6 months ago

Lugar bem organizado, limpinho e com uma equipe nota 1000????

Miguel Vala Leitão (TVI) 6 months ago

I recommend. Good facilities and five star service. Space always clean and with excellent equipment.

Sabina lourenço 6 months ago

Easy access, friendly staff.

Ricardo Casas-Novas 6 months ago

Professional and dedicated team! Without a doubt, the best gym in Lisbon!

Irene Morais 6 months ago

Very clean and excellent staff

Sergio Fernandes 6 months ago

Nice and spacious facilities. Good atmosphere and very helpful staff.

Marc Romero 6 months ago

Your lowcost gym in Lisboa. Gets really packed in the afternoon; but its nice and clean.

Carla Picoto 6 months ago

Gym with good employees willing to help whenever needed.

Felisberta fragoso 6 months ago

Great facilities for sports. Good environment.

Miguel Sousa Cabral 6 months ago

Probably the best gym in the capital!

Luis Malanho 6 months ago


Rui Barreiro 6 months ago

good environment and quality monitoring.

Sandra Novais 6 months ago

Good atmosphere in group classes.

Carolina Leitão 6 months ago

Excellent conditions and service! I loved it :)

Diogo Grave 6 months ago

Excellent service at the best price in Lisbon. Good facilities and in a privileged location. One of my favorite gyms to go to.

João Roso 6 months ago

Fantastic professionals, always ready to help and with a smile on their face.

Miguel Veiga 6 months ago

Gym Excellence very professional staff Good classes excellent professionals

Mathieu DUBET 7 months ago

Location, clean installation , good material, good price

MANPREET SINGH 7 months ago

very good gym and excellent staff

Luis Gervitz 10 months ago

Excellent, like your staff. Very complete team !!

Jorge CoimbrA (Jorzi) 11 months ago

Well equipped. Friendly, helpful, efficient staff. well equipped group lessons available

Elcivane Batista 11 months ago

It's super indicated ??

Adam Smolarek 1 year ago

For that price is everything you need

Mario Ciccarella 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism Excellent gym, competent and very welcoming staff. Good availability of equipment. Very cheap subscriptions.

Wanuza Torres 1 year ago


Ivan Steiger 1 year ago

very great and friendly service. The manager takes his time to serve you.

Fernando Ramos 1 year ago


Myoko Akane 1 year ago

Spectacular and well equipped gym with machines and halters.

Rafael Magalhães 1 year ago

Friendly Staff, Clean new Equipment, easy access

Madalena Athayde 1 year ago

Professional and friendly. Great attention to detail. Super clean and well organized. Easy access.

Ranjan Bawa 1 year ago

Best Gym in area

Ariel Toron 2 years ago

Each one of you who will be reading my review, has different needs and expectations and for that reason, I will start with a short overview about myself. I am 45 years of age and have been lifting weights as a non-competitive bodybuilder for over a decade. My daily job requires me to travel quite often and I am in constant search for decent gyms that allow daily rate usage. I found the Fitness Hut Santos to be clean, with a basic variety of equipment that is well maintained. If you are looking for a high-end latest and greatest type of machinery, the Fitness Hut is not for you. On the other hand, if you find free weights and basic equipment to be sufficient, this place has got you covered. I saw several reviews complaining about the place being overcrowded. I trained at 7am and did not encounter such issues. They have locker rooms on hand and I suggest you bring a lock, a towel and a bottle for hydration, as you will not find a drinking tap on site. If like me, you opt-in for a daily rate, the charge is 10 Euros. To gain daily access, you need to download and use the TrainAway app. I hope this was helpful and I wish you a productive workout, -A

Raquel Pereira dos Santos 2 years ago

I love excellent space with huge windows helpful and friendly employees is my favorite place to train

Gregorio Diaz-Descalzo 4 years ago

Nice and convinient. Only 8,6 euros a day if you aren't a member.

part of natural 4 years ago


Hs Menger 4 years ago


Louis Blanchard 4 years ago

Staff and trainers are very friendly, I essentially attend the classes there and I am very satisfied.

André Duarte 4 years ago

Fitness gym

Giorgia Vici 4 years ago

Good gym, with very nice people always ready to help you

Lindsay Hickey 4 years ago

Lots of equipment and classes

Viktor Pilcik 4 years ago

Gym with lots of different programs for exercising. Sometimes there can be crowded

Kihara Pata 4 years ago

This space is larger than most other Fitness Hut clubs, so there's enough room for everybody even in the late evening hours. Equipment is in great condition, most of it looks brand new. Gym Service staff is nice and particularly motivating. You won't regret choosing this club.

Andre Carioca 4 years ago

Super cheap, clean and not that much crowded!

Murilo Miranda 5 years ago


Miguel Madeira 6 years ago

Very good, for many years I did not feel so well to invest in my health It is the aesthetic is improving very quickly.

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