Informações sobre o Preparação Aquática - Lisboa

Av. Brasília 254
1200-109, Lisboa
+351 914 702 199

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: Fechado
  • terça-feira: Fechado
  • quarta-feira: Fechado
  • quinta-feira: 11:30 – 14:00
  • sexta-feira: Fechado
  • sábado: Fechado
  • domingo: Fechado


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Preparação Aquática - Lisboa: Opiniões

4.9/5 (11 Opiniões)
Manu Aurindo 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Parents with babies, it's really worth it!

Patricia Pinto da Silva 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Warm pool and 5-star monitoring. Babies learn to be (continue) in the water in a respectful and cheerful way to the sound of songs and massages. Moms and dads enjoy special moments that will be memories forever !!! Everything in safety and harmony. Thanks !!!

Aline Gimenez 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: It was an incredible experience! The baby massage course was wonderful and helped me a lot. And my baby was having a great time in the pool. Junia and Cristina are super dedicated and very dear professionals :)

Carolina Justino 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: A unique experience for babies and parents

Estrela Matilde 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent experience for our baby and also for us! Good energy that is transmitted in the calm and tranquility of the exercises and consequently in babies! We love it! We have a future swimmer! ♥ ️

vania marques 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: A spectacle this experience. I recommend it to all parents. A unique opportunity to live with your own baby. They are beautiful memories that we will have forever from the first months of our little one's life. Thank you!

Cristina Gil 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: This trip with our baby has been magical. A beautiful experience that ranges from the touch to relaxation in the water, always in a warm and calm environment that gives us the necessary security to adapt to my water. Thank you Cristina and Junia

Assunção Cardoso Reis 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: My puppies love water, they are real fish, and I think these ladies are responsible! I highly recommend it for babies and for parents and siblings.

Sofia Helena 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: A great way to create first aquatic experiences for babies. Monitoring and indications for baby massage and lots of fun at the time of the dives. With the added value of us country we can be there to accompany everything Thank you very much

Camila Reis 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: We have grown a lot with spa sessions for babies - from massage to diving. It is a privilege to provide Olivia with a reunion with the aquatic environment in the midst of these special people who are Cristina and Júnia and to be, we parents, witnesses of her enthusiasm and joy in this discovery!

carlos Miguel Silva 5 years ago

Experiência positiva: Good gym

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