Informações sobre o UrbanFit Maia

R. Dr. Gonçalo de Araújo 167
4470-393, Porto
+351 960 157 583

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 00:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 00:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 00:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 00:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 00:00
  • sábado: 09:00 – 21:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 14:00


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UrbanFit Maia: Opiniões

Paulo Miranda 3 weeks ago

Great gym!

Vitor Nascimento 1 month ago

I don't know this specific solinca, but from my experience of the sonae brand in gyms, I can only say very well. The spaces, always well organized, impeccable changing rooms, instructors, super accessible. As soon as I can, financially, I will return to one of Sonae's facilities. They came to revolutionize the area in question and for the positive. Thank you and congratulations.

alex patino 1 month ago

Very friendly, excellent people and professionals, excellent equipment

Eng. Fernando Gomes 3 months ago


Tatiana Duarte Ribeiro 3 months ago

Very good gym, I don't understand why they ended up with the urban fit concept Spacious, maintenance staff always cleaning the gym, lots of machines, pulleys, despite also having some turnout at the end of the afternoon, I think that in general the gym was open to everyone because it closed quite late, that is, the members went spread over the late afternoon, early evening. Very good group classes, I tried several and liked all the teachers. The nutrition part was very thorough, very careful As Solinca I don't know how it will be, the prices are not inviting but if you continue with the same line of thought as urban fit, it may even be worth the registration. They lose a lot for loyalty, unfortunately

Henrique Meireles 4 months ago

Who wants to get in shape, good place with people always ready to help, and a good price. And now with group classes without a mask

Bruno Pereira 4 months ago

Good experience and good professionals

Pedro Vieira 6 months ago

Great staff

renata alves 1 year ago

Everything in excellence, I have nothing to complain about, I love the team and the classes.

Maria Fernanda Almeida 1 year ago

I advise all people who want to do sport with quality and safety, excellent communication with all staff who work in this gym, from employees who do maintenance at the level of cleaning, reception, ending up in the excellent group of teachers, I would like to if you allow me give some suggestions regarding the maintenance of the gym that I think will be beneficial for all of us and for future members. New paintings to give a fresher air, the space on the outside which is excellent to be used for group classes but with a small change in the synthetic turf, in the rest I think it is within the normal parameters. Thank you all once again for the happy moments I spend in your company.

Hugo Mendes 1 year ago

Anyone who complains about the cold water in the bath has to go to the doctor. The water is so hot it's hard to enter. The only problem with the gym is that it's super full when I go, but it's normal for that to happen given the price and the fact that I go when everyone else goes, after work. I find it a bit ridiculous to be disinfecting the surfaces of machines. Some machines have been deactivated to avoid proximity during training, but what actually happens is there are twice as many people sharing the machines at the same time, without masks, all there panting on top of each other. But then they disinfect the place where they put the tail. It should be monitored that in fact there was only 1 person per machine and the mandatory use of the mask at all times. It's possible to train with the mask, I and other people can, the mask doesn't affect oxygenation, it's just uncomfortable.

Hugo Ferreira 1 year ago

Very good

Antonio Dias 1 year ago

Já utilizo á muitos anos e sempre gostei das pessoas que lá trabalham

Rui Guimarães 1 year ago

Espaço amplo, com luz natural e circulação de ar. Boas instalações, relação preço qualidade muito boa!

Marta Dias 1 year ago

Excellent place to train with peace and security

Diogo Maia 1 year ago

O ginásio é muito grande e tem o preço muito acessivel.

Cíntia Vilanova Teixeira 2 years ago

O ginásio tem uma boa estrutura: boa iluminação, bom espaço físico e bons aparelhos. Podia haver um estacionamento coberto e bons acessos a pessoas com necessidades especiais. Daí seria 5 estrelas.

Reinaldo Bastos 2 years ago

Excellent support staff from the cleaning team to the director, all friendly and happy to help. I recommend it to everyone. Smooth and invigorating environment.

Helena Marques 2 years ago

PT's and very attentive and friendly staff. Very clean and airy gym with plenty of natural light.

Ana Paula Bon 2 years ago

Fantastic facilities and top-notch coloboradotes

Humberto Santos 2 years ago

Excellent gym with various modalities with very good condition. Very good prices.

Eden Filho 2 years ago


Enjoy “Enjoy” 87 2 years ago

Best low cost gym in Porto

Tiago Almeida 3 years ago

Gym top with low cost price

Daniel Almeida 3 years ago

Great GYM...Awesone place

Filipe Moreira 3 years ago

Low-cost gym with many training options, with excellent quality of equipment and with some teachers with enough quality and knowledge.

Joy Santos 3 years ago

Good professionals and thought of their athletes.

José Santos 3 years ago

The best Gym Group Congratulations Urban

Pedro Barra 3 years ago

My gym, where training and taste, quality and low value.

Hugo Gonçalves 3 years ago


Jorge Maia 4 years ago

Good gym with friendly people

Nelson Ferreira 4 years ago

Excellent for those looking for gym. . Great prices. . Excellent teachers! Congratulations!

Joana Matos 4 years ago

Those who train at UrbanFit Maia are even happier;)

Vitor Santos 4 years ago

Excellent place to train, great space, lots of machines and a wide variety of group classes.

Joaquim Campeão 4 years ago

I go to cycling classes and love it. Good teacher, good music and with a good sound and spectacular environment.

Lucia Santos 4 years ago

Good atmosphere and group classes, with good teachers.

Maria Moutinho 4 years ago

My daily training place. Spectacular

Ricardo Henrique 4 years ago

Excellent facilities and high quality personalized service

Joana Gonçalves 4 years ago

Great prices, great staff and great space

Elisabete Rodrigues 4 years ago

All the best I found there. Good disposition and dedication, etc., etc. Highly recommend.

Regina Soares 4 years ago

Group classes at different times.

Rafael Rafas 4 years ago


Eurico Teles 4 years ago

One of the best gyms in Maia. With the largest cardio room in the North.

Ivo Ferro 4 years ago

Low cost gym with excellent conditions.

Mr. Jorge Silva 4 years ago


Rui Ribeiro 4 years ago


SL Loureiro 4 years ago

Excellent classes and monitoring of teachers in class. The swasthya yoga classes are excellent!

Fernando Moreira 4 years ago

Incredible gym with incredible staff and a very familiar environment that we feel good about being there.

KILLERENZO 58 5 years ago

great room! clean with lots of classes ... coach sympas

Betânia Ramos 5 years ago

Very well equipped and very good prices

Emanuel Gomes 5 years ago

Quality, excellent price. Extended group class hours from 7:15 am MT good indeed

Pedro Próspero 5 years ago

Good condition, excellent professionals and prof. TOP

Daniel Santos 5 years ago

Great Energy, great instructors!

Ana Catarina Moniz 5 years ago

Optimal quality / price ratio.

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