Informações sobre o Holmes Place Avenida Defensores de Chaves

Av. Defensores de Chaves 45 B
1000-112, Lisboa
+351 21 351 1300

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 06:30 – 22:00
  • terça-feira: 06:30 – 22:00
  • quarta-feira: 06:30 – 22:00
  • quinta-feira: 06:30 – 22:00
  • sexta-feira: 06:30 – 22:00
  • sábado: 08:00 – 19:00
  • domingo: 10:00 – 18:00

O Clube Avenida Defensores de Chaves oferece-lhe serviços premium de fitness, nutrição, spa e outros serviços para uma vida equilibrada, saudável e agradável.

Distribuído por 4 pisos, o 1º clube da Cidade de Lisboa foi totalmente renovado, apresentando uma decoração requintada mas funcional, para poder receber da melhor forma os sócios nos seus 5.000 m2. Dispõe de uma ampla zona de treino funcional, estúdio de spinning e estúdio de pilates equipado com a última geração de máquinas especializadas, reformer, cadillac etc� Relaxe no nosso Spa e encontre a harmonia e bem-estar para equilibrar o seu dia.

Oferecemos-lhe um conjunto completo de serviços para uma vida equilibrada, saudável e agradável. Aqui os valores da nossa marca tornam-se reais: Equilíbrio, Apoio, Inclusão e Progresso. Tem à sua espera tudo o que precisa para uma vida mais saudável.

A nossa equipa foi cuidadosamente escolhida pela sua capacidade de motivação e inspiração pessoal, dos seus colegas e principalmente dos nossos sócios. � a sua personalidade e entusiasmo que guiam a visão do Holmes Place e que marcam a diferença


Holmes Place Avenida Defensores de Chaves ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Holmes Place Avenida Defensores de Chaves: Opiniões

Manuela Neves 3 months ago

It's my gym. It has Optimus facilities. I just don't like the lockers!

Sonia Sanches 3 months ago

The best "home" ??

Klaus Wassermann 3 months ago


Pierpaolo Costa 3 months ago

They give 3 days for free but the bar blows you away. I was in Lisbon for vacation I went to the gym for free but I paid more than 20 € at the bar for a couple of coffees with my friend, we went twice. Nice gym, not too big and not too many machines but not crowded. Huge changing rooms

Vasco Nóbrega da Costa 4 months ago

The Hydrogymnastics and Zumba classes by Professors Ruth and Vânia, respectively, were excellent.

Norberto Marques 5 months ago

An excellent club. Good image. Well equipped.. with swimming pool... it was very pleasant....

Rogério Sousa 5 months ago

Excellent place to practice sport. Clean, well lit place. A structure that makes you like to see. I recommend it to everyone I say. With the price it charges what it offers is above.

Rui Portela 6 months ago

Fantastic health club, impeccable staff in excellent conditions.

Justus Shwafati 8 months ago

Great Gym, if you want a prvt trainer you pay a lot like 145 euros for 1 hr.

Mohsen Motamedi 8 months ago

Just perfect

elvira fontenele 8 months ago

Gym I love so much!! Big, comfortable, diverse and super attentive staff. 5

Orleans Ferreira 11 months ago

Excellent gym, clean and very large studios. Congratulations disinfection and cleaning as well as the care of the staff. I really liked it and recommend it. Congratulations.

Mimita Santos 1 year ago

Excelente SPA.

André V. - Tuga1981 1 year ago

Excellent environment and highly knowledgeable professionals.

Paulo Machado 1 year ago

Best gym if you're willing to pay a more expensive rate

Luciana Domingues 1 year ago

Excellent facilities, exceptional service. Prevention and disinfection measures convey confidence. Diverse lesson map and superb instructors.

Johnnie Simões 1 year ago

Safe place to train and take group classes. Everything well sanitized. Good instructors.

Márcia Chambel 1 year ago

Healthy and tasty food. Full menu with drink €8

Rui Mota 1 year ago

Muito bom

Tiago Carvalho 2 years ago

A large gym. Plenty of space and excellent service

Gabriel Voigt 2 years ago


José Luís Oliveira 2 years ago


carla maria Esteves 3 years ago

I recommend this health club for the quality of the space and the excellent professionals who represent it.

Bruno Gentil 3 years ago

Best gym in Lisbon, with the largest class map, availability and 5-star friendliness.

Rui Grosso 3 years ago

Best equipped club in Lisbon Ideal for all types of training, with one of the best teams of professionals

Maria Silva 3 years ago

I love my gym. After the works it was even more beautiful! I feel at home.

G B d F F R 3 years ago

Super friendly staff . Nice atmosphere. I am anyways HP Fan .

Aldo Robles Arevalo 3 years ago

All services are excellent.

sandra dionisio 3 years ago

It's my gym of choice. It's what the best classes always different. The reception team? OF THE BEST!!!!!!!

Robert De Marco's Adventures 3 years ago

Gym is big and well equipped, changing rooms are clean and tidy, spa and swimming pool, top facilities. Staff is super nice and very friendly and helpful. A special mention to Bruno (members subscriber) Marta (reception) Elio (reception) Bruno (Personal Trainer) This are top on customer service and its a pleasure to speak with them, they made me feel instantly welcome! Also the manager Carlos is a top man and very nice person. Particularly Elio is the kind of guy that you would invite for a beer just to have a chat, top man. Next year I will get my girlfriend to join too. Top club with top people. Highly recommended. Thanks to all the staff of this gym!

Paulo Oliveira 3 years ago

The gym overall is great. The machines are great and it is noted that it has good maintenance compared to other clubs as the machines are all poorly lubricated and poorly arranged. The resorts improved immensely many years I had gone to experience. And the restaurant with the nice girls, are to be congratulated as well. Only thing that should be improved is the zone of free weights. That is a little dead and with little choice of bars, handles and so on. For the rest I was satisfied with the club.

MARIO MOURA JR 3 years ago

The best gym I have ever visited. I couldn't sign up because the monthly fee is more than what I can pay at the moment. Not that it is expensive; it is proportional to the level of service offered. Attentive staff, great service, modern rooms and equipment, very good indeed.

Diogo Abrantes da Silva 3 years ago


orlando agostinho 3 years ago

Nice gym!

pedro filipe Turpin 3 years ago

For me, the best club in the Holmes Place group!! Super family atmosphere!! Great personal trainers, and of course I will emphasize the great service at the customer reception!!

Vitor Hugo Garcia 3 years ago

For those looking for a premium space to train this is the right place. Great classes, exceptional gym and a staff with unparalleled friendliness and availability. I recommend it 100%.

André Duarte 3 years ago

Best gym in the Saldanha area. I have been a client of the holmes place network for some years and this is clearly one of the best clubs. Very spacious bodybuilding area. Staff very friendly! Edna and Natasha on reception are fantastic

Carolina Santos 3 years ago

Great for studying or reading a book in the upstairs cafe

Susana Sá Sousa 3 years ago

The best place to work out with various modalities, a fantastic pool and a team that welcomes us as a family, with a lot of friendliness and professionalism. The best option for wellness, nutritional counseling, physiotherapy, aesthetics and always with the latest news available to present us and be a new option in all areas I have mentioned. Congratulations to the whole team.

Pedro Sttau 3 years ago

Great gym, ambience is good, equipment is new and well selected. The squat bar is okay, they need add more and better calibrated weights. One of the interns didn’t allow me to squat without shoes, which is fair enough but just be aware this gym may not be ideal for people that are seriously into training. Reception is excellent, very accommodating polite and professional.

Leandro Figueiredo 3 years ago


Antonio Sacchetti 3 years ago

My gym

Joao Senra 4 years ago

Very good, gym and very complete. Very friendly and professional staff.

Mário dos Santos Duarte 4 years ago

The works that are being finalized have left the club much more appealing and functional, congratulations!

Daniel Castro 4 years ago

One of the biggest Holmes place in town, very good health club!

Sinarha Viana 5 years ago

Best gym in Lisbon! Team and structure note 10.

Jorge Rebelo da Silva 5 years ago

Great, across the board: Good balance in turnout, no congestion, great choice of machines, perfect spa, good pool. Calm, motivating environment, the image of the gym to use for years, with good results.

??????? ????????? 5 years ago

I like the new fitness equipment, pool, sauna, Turkish bath. Classes in different groups, with a coach. Parking

Catarina Ribeiro 5 years ago

Gym with pool, good classes, good facilities and equipment

Joaquim Conceição 5 years ago

Always SPECIAL Good environment Very well in maintenance and hygiene Friendly staff Excellent PTs High Quality Teachers

Repartidos 5 years ago


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