Informações sobre o Fitness UP Jumbo Maia

4475-045, Maia
+351 252 023 493

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sábado: 08:00 – 20:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 13:00

No Fitness UP dispomos das melhores condições de treino num ambiente urbano e acolhedor, com vista a garantir um serviço prestige a um preço low-cost.

A adesão ao plano anual implica à fidelização pelo período de 52 semanas contínuas e renovação automática, salvo comunicação do contrário.

Trata-se de um complexo vitamínico que ajuda na recuperação muscular e, com o composto de L-Carnitina, auxilia a perda de massa gorda. Existem vários sabores disponíveis.


Fitness UP Jumbo Maia ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Fitness UP Jumbo Maia: Opiniões

Irene Teixeira 1 year ago

The coach is excellent and always motivating

manuel martins 1 year ago

Gym with plenty of space and equipment, all staff are 5 stars.

A JD 1 year ago

Very quiet, maybe too much

jorge gandra 1 year ago


Luis Pinto 1 year ago

Good gym and nice staff The place is not crowded during mornings so its nice to go there

domingos silva 1 year ago

excellent professionals

romeu oliveira 1 year ago

Iniciando, mas muito bom. Ainda cedo pra dizer tudo, mas é um bom ambiente, muitos equipamentos, .

Hugo Costa 1 year ago

The best gym for training. Lockers always available

Isabel Oliveira 2 years ago

Great facilities, spectacular group classes, great teachers

walace vidal 2 years ago

Best gym ....

Nuno Teixeira 2 years ago


Manuel Q 2 years ago

For now .. OK


Top Boxing

cybelle tavares 3 years ago

Maia's best gym with spectacular professionals!

Joao Carvalho 3 years ago

Cozy gym with several group classes and an irreverent design.

Helena Bento 3 years ago

Cozy gym with first class staff!

Ricardo Bravo 3 years ago

A club that is distinguished from the rest by its innovative image, offering many classes, in a large space, well maintained and very well equipped for all kinds of training goals. Sometimes they have a DJ playing in the gym! It has a very dynamic, attentive team always willing to help. I am very pleased because I am motivated to train daily and finally managed to achieve the results I had hoped for. I highly recommend it !!

Carlos Soares 3 years ago

Great place to lose weight

M Filmes 3 years ago

best in the region

catia raquel marques 3 years ago

Great place to exercise, with good staff, plenty of choice of classes and reasonable price.

Ricardo Silva 3 years ago

Large and clean place, with plenty of running machines, elliptical machines and weight machines, boxing ring, Wi-Fi, social area to relax with a coffee, and very well decorated. It is networked and versatile as you can train in any other Fitness-Up.

Ricardo Ferreira 3 years ago

Spectacular gym, top staff, top classes, top equipment, top facilities. Best gym in the world

Paulo Nunes Santos 3 years ago

Great gym.

jose manuel martins dias borges 4 years ago

Excellent group of teachers support athletes to the utmost thanks

Susana Silva 4 years ago

Gym with lots of classes, ample space, well maintained and very well equipped. I emphasize the cleanliness that is impeccable. They have a very attentive team, very friendly, they are always willing to help. The only negative point that I consider on a personal level is that showers are paid for, I don't agree. Parking always available and free. Fantastic atmosphere! I strongly recommend it!

Pedro Teixeira 4 years ago

Best gym ever

Carla Nunes 4 years ago


Jose Ferreira 4 years ago

They have everything you need, very well equipped, good atmosphere, and clean.

oscar ribeiro 4 years ago


Maria Cortinhal 4 years ago

Excellent gym. Exceptional staff

Monica Melo 4 years ago


Manuel António Salgado 4 years ago

Do you feel at home?

Luís C 4 years ago

The best club in the world!

gil ramos 4 years ago

Excellent facilities and equipment with competent and friendly professionals. Fantastic atmosphere! I recommend!

Taty Oliveira 4 years ago

Super friendly, dedicated professionals, it's an incredible environment.

François Paiva 4 years ago

Top ... Space in achieved and instructors 5 stars

sandra silva 4 years ago

Love! I recommend!

marco devil 4 years ago

One of my favorites Perfectly (I.e.

Pedro Almeida 4 years ago

Good facilities.

Hugo Madeira 5 years ago

Calm atmosphere.

Simao Fernandes 5 years ago

Top gym in a chain of top gyms that has revolutionized fitness in Portugal! Thank you

Luis Miguel 5 years ago

From what I saw in the opening very good. Now we just need to see how and train.

Ricardo Jorge Soares De Almeida Pereira 5 years ago

Fantastic, very good great prices

Maria Jorge 5 years ago

If it is Fitness Up it can only be great!

Ricardo Loureiro 5 years ago


Nelson Gon 5 years ago

5 stars

Francisco Alexandre 5 years ago

Very good space and good staff

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