Informações sobre o Carlos Rebolo Ginásio

9060-400, Funchal
+351 291 773 909

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 06:30 – 21:30
  • terça-feira: 06:30 – 21:30
  • quarta-feira: 06:30 – 21:30
  • quinta-feira: 06:30 – 21:30
  • sexta-feira: 06:30 – 21:30
  • sábado: 09:00 – 19:00
  • domingo: Fechado

O Carlos Rebolo Ginásio é especializado no treino de força e hipertrofia, localizado na Madeira, Funchal. Temos à sua disposição mais de 60 máquinas e treinadores especializados.


Carlos Rebolo Ginásio ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Carlos Rebolo Ginásio: Opiniões

FSF 1 year ago

The best gym in town!

Guyomar 1 year ago

I love training here! Without a doubt the best hypertrophy and strength training gym in Madeira. I used to hate gyms and only briefly trained in one or two over the years, but they were always commercial gyms or fitness centre/health club types of places with more noisy cardio equipment than machines, especially leg and glute-focused machines. This is much more what I expect of a gym: a room dedicated entirely to free weights and machines. No noise from treadmills (they are in a separate room), no distractions from the weights, love it. This place has every machine you could want and it makes training so much easier if you are still developing the stability and mobility to overload and get the most hypertrophy out of classic barbell exercises. Two things make this gym stand out. First, there is always a trainer you can go to to ask for help on how to use a piece of equipment or for an exercise recommendation. They're all helpful enough, but Dina in particular is proactive in making herself available to everyone, no matter how inexperienced or seasoned you are. She is approachable and makes sure you have understood how to use the machine correctly + recommends a starting weight. This is in stark contrast to other gyms I've seen where the "trainers" seem to stand around looking bored or do nothing but chat with their buddies. Second, the weights are almost always racked and in proper order. It drives me crazy when weights are just left on machines or racked out of order, so this shows there is proper respect for the training environment. I always look forward to the privilege of training there and I like looking at the trophies and bodybuilding photos on the walls, a constant reminder of what the mind can achieve.

Ji?í Pavlí?ek 1 year ago

Very good gym, helpful staff.

Russell Aldersson 1 year ago

I contacted this gym based in central Funchal in Madeira from London a few weeks before I was departing to ask about getting a personal trainer to do a block of sessions while there. André responded straight away and organised a trainer for me and put me in touch so I could arrange the sessions. This guy was called Elton, really great, in his final year of a degree in sports science. He really motivated me and helped me exceed my goals. I was very happy to have this guy and he speaks fluent English. Friendly and knows his stuff. The gym itself is great. It’s what I call a no nonsense gym, so no fluffy towels and sauna rubbish, just a straight forward body builders gym with a very impressive array of machines and free weights. One machine is called the giraffe (for legs) and it’s a nightmare, if you don’t put your weights back you have to use it. Also, if it’s your birthday you have to do a set while everyone claps haha. The gym has a good vibe. The gym was certainly not a men only gym so not intimidating with a good mix of both genders. Showers and bathrooms clean and working order. For me this it was all perfect. Highly recommended. Thanks to the Carlos Rebolo team!

Ivonne Mädel 1 year ago

One of the greatest gyms I've ever been to on vacation, although it is more expensive at 30 euros a week, but great equipment and, above all, such nice people. I felt at home

Jan Jerina 1 year ago

Known among the locals as the gym for the "big guys". Nice and clean gym, with many different kind of machines and tools. Small but that's expected on a small island.

Felix Wiedmann 1 year ago

10€ for one training, really good machines and a lot free weights. I also enjoyed the music during the training

Márcio Filipe Vieira Virissimo 1 year ago

Best gym in Madeira... hard-core gym.

Jorge Castanha 1 year ago

Very good gym, always evolving.

Alannah's Life 1 year ago

Fully equipped gym with great staff. The benefit of having a trainer ( no extra cost ) is well worth the distance to make this your gym!!!

Richard Podkolinski 1 year ago

Wonderful hardcore gym, with a great selection of weights and friendly informative staff. Really a Mecca of Iron.

vitor Vieira 1 year ago

I wouldn't trade this gym for any other. Really good. It is a 100% complete gym.

Norimar Rodriguez 1 year ago

A second home! :)

Massa 1 year ago

O melhor ginásio da cidade!

Manuel “Mfitness92” H 2 years ago

Amazing bodybuilding community. You really notice the difference in the machine’s capability to hit your muscles compared to regular gym chains. The IFBB champ (owner of the gym) knows what’s good . very affordable. excellent support by the trainers whenever you ask for it. Had the toughest workout of my life here. Conclusion: A must check-out for every athlete/fitness/bodybuilding enthusiast (or anybody just looking to workout) when in Madeira!

karmencita 2 years ago

I have been in this gym for a month and it is quite complete in machines, weights etc ... The team of people who work here is excellent, especially Dania, very dedicated ... I recommend it !!!

Sportsfreund 2 years ago

Pleasant surprise to find a gym like this in Funchal, at the east end of the old center. Plenty of space, lots of machines, free weights and power racks and the pleasant atmosphere of a family run gym. Week pass (7:00-17:00) for 20 € works nicely for me and I am looking forward to my next workout there.

Joao Alves 2 years ago

The Best gym

17thenico 2 years ago

Proper old school gym. Best in town! Week pass from 20€ available which is great for tourists.

Graham Wood 2 years ago

I trained here for 10 days. Excellent equipment consisting of many flat & inclined benches. Machines to cover every muscle type. And a huge selection of free weights. I found Dina the female gym instructor, most helpful in showing me various machine techniques, throughout 10 days. Nothing is too much trouble for her. I will be back in the future when I visit Madeira next.

Ivonne de Gouveia 2 years ago

Great place to go if your seriously want to workout. Lots of machines to use for weights. They have a brand new cardio section. There is always a trainer on the floor to help out with workout. Good for visitors who want to workout,as they have daily, weekly or monthly payment plans. So you only pay for the days that you go to gym.

Florian Sievers 2 years ago

Great gym. Old school flair. Great atmosphere between employees and customers, very familiar. The trainers are on the training area all the time to provide assistance and, if necessary, to explain.

Cátia Jesus 2 years ago

Excellent training place for people who are serious about bodybuilding. Excellent room support

Valter Pontes 2 years ago

Best gym in Madeira. Very efficient staff and top gym equipment.

Silvio Rodrigues 3 years ago

The best gym in the region

Natacha Vieira 3 years ago

The best gym in Madeira

[email protected] juliana78 3 years ago

Very good

Jan W. 3 years ago

How much is the day-pass?

Gregor David Werneburg 3 years ago

Great Gym! Made for athletes

Marco Andrade 3 years ago

Flexibility of schedule, the constant presence of a trainer who is always willing to indicate the best exercises and the price were decisive for choosing this gym.

Luis Pequeneza 3 years ago

Excellent gym for those who want to do bodybuilding and get fantastic results, has a lot of machines and change up to 90kg !! I strongly recommend this gym. The staff is very attentive and friendly, and there is always a trainer available to assist with the exercises.

Jenny Ferreira 3 years ago

Best gym on the island of Madeira.

Raphael Avancini 3 years ago

High end gym. Attentive coaches and equipment always in good condition.

M P 3 years ago

If you like lifting weights, this gym is for you! The trainers are really friendly too, and will help you with routines and equipment. We got a good price on a two week pass through Gym Nomad - have a look.

Helder Teixeira 3 years ago

Room with large variety of weight machines, with excellent monitoring in the room by its staff.

José Azevedo 3 years ago

The best gym on the island

Lino pestana 3 years ago

There is no equal on the island of Madeira in terms of equipment, mentality, quality of service, mutual assistance like no other, it is like a family, more than recommended!

Nicolaas van der Merwe 4 years ago

A great gym ! A real bodybuilding gym. Loads of free weights , great amount of machines , some a bit dated but everything you need. Very friendly staff , very helpful . Day pass was €6. Clean showers . Clientele were all friendly and serious about training. Highly recommended .

João Gouveia 4 years ago

And a spectacular gym, it's just to raise iron and grow, otherwise not worth going. Free parking to date. A good atmosphere, spectacular, the profs are not in half measures to speak, which I think very well. Lololol

Jonny Tailford 4 years ago

Great gym in a perfect location. Friendly & helpful staff. Great variation of equipment. Best gym on the island!

Aléxio Zeferino 4 years ago

Simply the best gym on the island. Professional follow-up from day one.

Ev 5 years ago

What a great bodybuilding gym near Funchal old town! Old school equipment and loads of weights. I was just visiting for a couple of weeks, but found a awesome deal on Gym Nomad - highly recommend it and the gym. Lots of really nice people in there and all the gear you could want.

Duarte Sousa 5 years ago

Best gym in Madeira without a doubt. Excellent equipment and trainers who really understand and love the sport of bodybuilding!

User Default 5 years ago

Excellent gym with professional support.

Jose Bonito 5 years ago

Best and most Complete Gym on the island of Madeira, monitoring and training by professionals in the vast areas of weight training, hypertrophy and the Powerlift area. It is a gym that also prepares Athletes for regional and National (Bodybuilding, MensFisic, BiquiniFitness) events. Majority of Regional Champion Athletes and some nationally awarded athletes train at Ginasio Carlos Rebolo. I have trained in almost every gym on Madeira Island and none is more complete and as professional as "Carlos Rebolo Gym"

jose rodrigues 5 years ago

The best gym in Madeira

Jorge Ferreira 5 years ago

An excellent gym, which I sincerely recommend to anyone to go

Fatima Pinto Pinto 5 years ago

Carefully equipped with the smallest detail, pleasant atmosphere. Positive influence on the part of the monitors and even among the clientele. A family.

João Igor Cruz Cró 5 years ago

For those who like pure gym

Dúlio Henriques Da Silva 5 years ago

The Mecca of fitness in Madeira, good atmosphere that inspires you to outperform! Great staff, Highly recommended!

Steve Henderson 6 years ago

Fantastic real body building gym for both men and woman. Heavy weights. Great machines. Friendly professional staff who are happy to help you with your last set without trying agenda.

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