Informações sobre o Piscina do Cavaco

, Corroios

Horário de funcionamento

Piscina do Cavaco ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.


Piscina do Cavaco ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Piscina do Cavaco: Opiniões

Carlos Pereira 2 months ago

Now it is already defined the location of Corroios Municipal Pool on Google.

Maria Paula Falcão 1 year ago

Great place very nice.

paulla souto 1 year ago


Henrique Arruda 1 year ago

Excellent facilities and well equipped. Good professional teachers.

Tiago Vitorino 2 years ago

It has an excellent service

Paula Sousa 2 years ago

5 star staff, and tbm pools

Fernando Gomes 3 years ago

The pool is great for babies. The site is complete with instructor, heated pool. On Saturdays in the morning are the babies and then the kids.

Ana Lança 3 years ago


Aurora Henriques 3 years ago

Being a pool house, it has a very good offer. Great teachers and friendly staff. In need of some maintenance.

Rita Pereira 3 years ago

My baby is in the queue. The teachers are fantastic and careful. It has mixed spas, which makes it easy for parents to help at bath time.

Joao Tavares 3 years ago

It's great for maintenance.

David Rangel 3 years ago

Very good

Tiago Barros 3 years ago

It's very good to learn how to speak

Madalena Morgado 3 years ago

My daughter loves her swimming hours.

Antonio Baptista 3 years ago

Very good

Ana Palma 4 years ago

Good for teaching kids to swim

rsaracosa PT 4 years ago


Carlos Oliveira 4 years ago


Lila Boffin 4 years ago

Good classes and good pool

Gustavo Carrilho 4 years ago

Very good classes, impeccable staff.

Bruno Santos 4 years ago

Very good municipal pool.

Filipe Andre 4 years ago

Good municipal pool

Regina Faria 4 years ago

At the end of the day, to have a coffee in the "Renaacer Azul" or to do a little exercise in the pool, there is no better place for those who live in the South Bank.

David Santos 4 years ago

Best swimming pool in the county

Tânia Mota 4 years ago

good professionals

Fábio Gomes 4 years ago


Sara Fernandes 4 years ago

I loved swimming with my kids

mario santos 4 years ago

It is very good.

Alexandre Alves 4 years ago

5 stars . The best of the county.

Lara camarneiro 4 years ago

Good facilities, nice teachers, good prices

José Valverde Caço 4 years ago

Very good pool

Rui Horta 4 years ago

Good public space and good facilities

Liliam Rios 5 years ago

I love it for over 1 year I frequent this space

Paula Rosa 5 years ago

Very good

Manuel da Fonseca 5 years ago

In this complex, water sports and activities have the perfect combination of equipment, teachers and support and maintenance teams in this complex.

Ricardo Saraiva 6 years ago

1000 meters passed :)

Miguel Martins 6 years ago

good professionals

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