Informações sobre o Clube Nacional de Natação

R. de São Bento 209
1250-219, Lisboa
+351 21 393 3430

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • sábado: 08:00 – 19:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 14:00


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Clube Nacional de Natação: Opiniões

Carlos Alberto Soares da Silva 1 year ago

25-meter indoor swimming pool and learning tank, gym, basketball and several paddle courts. An oasis in the center of Lisbon in a centenary club.

Joao Pereiro 1 year ago

I returned to my heart club what more can I say

John K 1 year ago

Good public lap pool. Clean. Costs 10eu/visit or 50eu to join and they deduct from your Portugal bank acct (if you have one) out of a 25eu auto filling deposit, depending on the time of day.

DLSA 1 year ago

He has a kid of 2.10 meters the kid has a future is called jean-clement yy that guy plays a lot Michael jordan from Portugal bet on the kid 5 stars!!

Casimiro Guerreiro Santo 1 year ago

Phenomenal! Terrace, pavilion, swimming pools, Padle

Yixin Qi 2 years ago

With love

Art Krumpans 2 years ago

Great place for kids swimming lessons: 2 x per week cost €30 a month. Good value for money and service.

Vicente Reis 2 years ago

Very good and you can do several sports

Manuella Arantes 2 years ago

Very organized place, clean and complies with all health rules.

Inês Sacramento 2 years ago

Porque sim

Ana Allen 3 years ago

The facilities are very good. There is a car park, which is the way in that area.

Maison kest 3 years ago

Because I play in the national basketball swimming

Seiichiro Fujiwara 3 years ago

Very good swimming pool. Friendly receptionist. Bring your own lock and cap. Sometimes closed for public due to kids school so check before you go.

Svitlana Dmytruk 3 years ago

A great place for children to recover!

Paulo Neves 3 years ago

Excellent space for sports

Jose Ferreira 3 years ago

Quiet and pleasant for Padel practice

Nádia Pauleta 3 years ago

Great swimming teachers and the pool is great too!

Simon Raby 3 years ago

Looks great and in a really good location. Friendly reception, amenities good and pool excellent; not busy (at 10.00), plenty of sunlight and good prices. Just want to know if "Speedos" are okay!

João Castelo-Rodrigues 3 years ago

Espaço com pouco estacionamento e muito escondido entre prédios.

maria rita Cardoso 4 years ago

Very practical and great pools

joao rosa 4 years ago

Very good place ... leisure and sport ... has sport TV

Isabel Prazeres 4 years ago

I love being a teenager and my 9-year-old daughter is going.

Pedro Ferreira 4 years ago

Yes a place where you can practice sports and with good facilities

Rui Pinto 4 years ago

Swimming and Padel close to the city center. Nice place with lots of parking.

dan Zagarodny 4 years ago

Good pool and good club for swimming lessons.

Elisa Cragnolino 4 years ago

Pool with transparent water at just temperature. Comfortable changing rooms

Magadiel Lopes 4 years ago

The best pool in this area.

Armando Saraiva 4 years ago

Lisbon's historic city club and unique and great space for leisure and sports.

TIM CG 4 years ago

Good location, simple, arranged, functional at a good price.

Vanda Oliveira 4 years ago

I like it a lot, the pool is always impeccable, everyone is very friendly, the spas are always clean. There's only one thing I have not figured out yet, which is a saver swimmer.

Paul Schweinzer 4 years ago

uncomplicated, very helpful Staff speaking good English; bring your own lock and a swimming hat!

Nanico Dias 4 years ago

Place for sport with various modalities. Padel, basketball, swimming and group ailas

antoine vivant 4 years ago

Perfect for lovers of lengths. It's a club, not a public swimming pool

Fernanda Giovenazzi 4 years ago

Incredible service and complete structure for those who follow a training routine. You can even become a partner, if you come to Lisbon a lot.

João Fontes 4 years ago

Club with very good swimming conditions.

André Ferreira 4 years ago

I did swim

Joaquim Calhau 4 years ago

A club that I have always known and that I am pleased to see has been growing and modernizing, offering a wide range of activities along with the recognized quality in swimming education. Reference also for water plans with treatment without recourse to chlorine.

Ramin Ray 4 years ago

Big Swimming pool

Eduardo Lopes 5 years ago

Top notch swimming/padel/basketball club

Carl turner 5 years ago

Great for a swim, non chlorine pool, pedal courts, staff very friendly and helpful.

Robin van Buuren 5 years ago

Great pool and Padel facilities, in the center of town!

Freidy Delgado 5 years ago

Excellent conditions even in winter the Pavilion is hot because of the pool

Gonçalo Doria 5 years ago

There is no better place to go for a swim in Lisbon ...

Jorge Filipe 5 years ago

Fantastic presence in the Kids Multiclubes League.

Cátia Ruela 6 years ago

Ideal place for initiation into the aquatic environment for children and babies.

Nuno Sousa Monte 6 years ago

Wonderfully hidden and calm place. Swimming, gym and padel. Great for a drink or quick snack.

Daniel Silva 6 years ago

Excellent pool, located in the center of Lisbon, with a magnificent view and above all with an unusual water treatment. Swimming pool that welcomes tourists very well.

Rui Dias 6 years ago

A space in the city center that no one even suspects may exist, very good gym and swimming pools

James Murray 6 years ago

Good gym, good range of sports

Serdar Sert 7 years ago

Joao Domingues 7 years ago

Very professional service staff. Very competent teaching staff (swimming).

Fernando Coelho 7 years ago

Great place for sports with facilities of Paddle, Swimming, Basketball, Bodybuilding, Fitness, Aqua fit, among others.

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