Informações sobre o Parque de Jogos 1. º de Maio

Av. Rio de Janeiro
1700-330, Lisboa
+351 21 845 3470

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 23:30
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 23:30
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 23:30
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 23:30
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 23:30
  • sábado: 07:30 – 23:30
  • domingo: 07:30 – 23:30

Website oficial da fundação INATEL. Constituida em 1935 tem por missão a promoção das melhores condições para a ocupação dos tempos livres e lazer


Parque de Jogos 1. º de Maio ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Parque de Jogos 1. º de Maio: Opiniões

Ruben Mota 1 year ago

Excellent field for sports ...

T Karina 1 year ago


Md Tanvir Ahmed 1 year ago


Luis Figueiredo 1 year ago

Always very good!!!

Álvaro Coito 1 year ago

Liked it. It has good facilities and several types of games.

Rafi Amin 1 year ago

Best Halal Food in Town

Fabien Nunes 1 year ago

Very good space within Lisbon, breathes nature and good access to sports and children, recommended for those who like sports.

Antonio Rodrigues 1 year ago


Juliana Pereira 1 year ago

nice space

Helder estrela 1 year ago


L R 1 year ago

Several activities.

Ben Wright 1 year ago

We played a great game of mini golf

Davide Zaccaria 1 year ago


Mario Souto 1 year ago

Park of excellence in the center of Lisbon.

Jaime Lares Rebelo Pinto 1 year ago

I participated in a Table Tennis tournament and I really enjoyed it! / I gladly participated in a table tennis tournament.

João André 1 year ago

Very cute and nice

Francisco Paulos 1 year ago

Excellent for rugby practice. Very good conditions!

André Baixinho 1 year ago

With a wide range of activities, affordable prices and a strong commitment to visible security measures against covid-19.

André Vieira 2 years ago

Com grande variedade de atividades, preços acessíveis e forte compromisso nas medidas de segurança visível contra a covid-19.

Ana Paula Terreiro 2 years ago

Very pretty, well arranged

Jorge Paulino 2 years ago


Bruno Paradela de oliveira 2 years ago

The best game park nearby. Stage of various modalities.

Ana Tulia Folegatti 2 years ago

I have been attending Inatel for more than 8 years and I do Pilates and Maintenance. 100% meets my needs

Fernando Paulo 2 years ago

Excellent venue for track races and all other games

Mukesh Ramniclal 2 years ago

Excellent for the practice of sport ... everything clean .... I loved it

Paulo Rodrigues 2 years ago

A space to relax and do some sport in the city. Always pleasant, for kids and adults.

Luis Vaz Antunes 3 years ago

Excellent place to practice sports, walk or simply be.

Jorge Fontinha 3 years ago

Excellent place to practice different sports

João Serafim 3 years ago

very nice

Daniel Marques da Silva 3 years ago

Good pool and great surroundings

Pedro Caetano 3 years ago

Quiet location, good access and with parks for the little ones.A oasis in the middle of Alvalade.

Maria João Paiva 4 years ago

The playground is great for younger children. In addition to suitable swings, they can play in the sand. Very enjoyable for parents and grandparents.

Rui Cardoso 4 years ago

Great sports site.

Pedro Pimentel 4 years ago

Sports Practice Running

Raul C. M. Fernandes 5 years ago

A very pleasant space in the city center, with soccer fields, swimming pool, playground and plenty of space to walk.

margarida gonçalves 5 years ago

Ample space for doing sports, walking and taking children to play in the playground

Jay 5 years ago

The place is constantly changing since the 50's, but the last decade did it for me. From the swimming pool to the outdoor tennis courts, it is a great place to go and enjoy life at its best.

Nelio Morais 5 years ago

Crear place time whit kids and do sport

QUAD LisbonRental 5 years ago

One of the best sporting venues in the capital

gonsa sba 6 years ago

Good place for a walk, running or just rest in a shadow of the awesome trees that are there.

Nuno Hellxwrks 6 years ago

The best pool in Lisbon :)

Sérgio Miguéns 7 years ago

Right in the heart of Lisbon, a fantastic place to practice any sport: athletics, handball, football, basketball, tennis, etc ... In addition to the sports equipment, it has many green spaces capable of delighting all those who do there. your daily exercise. Parking in the area is payable, however you will find some places where you will not pay (entry contrary to the main entrance).

Manuel Vidigal (El Vidi) 7 years ago

Great Sporting facilities

Nuno Fernandes 7 years ago

I love to walk here. It has a circuit around the quiet sports park and with good shadows.

David Grulha 7 years ago

A super nice space, with parking at the door, with plenty of activities. I highly recommend practicing physical activity / exercise in this space.

Nuno Matos 7 years ago

Great for recovering energy

Pedro Diogo Vaz 7 years ago

Nice sports facilities and affordable pratice

Joao Bastos 7 years ago

Many possible activities, tennis, running, paddle, or even exercise ... Fun and very clean place.

Gonçalo Maggessi 7 years ago

Excellent park for a large number of sports, some free and others by renting fields and equipment. You see a lot of people running on the maintenance circuit. It has swimming pools, mini golf, paddle tennis, ... also has playgrounds for children of various ages and café with terrace. Not to be missed, if only for a walk!

Franjo Pravdic 7 years ago

Inatel, pool and family activities

Valentim Sousa 7 years ago

Very good

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