Informações sobre o Solinca Dragão

4350-415, Porto
+351 22 557 4700

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sábado: 09:00 – 20:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 18:00

Solinca: Ginásios em Lisboa, Porto, Braga, Guimarães, Oeiras com piscina. Equipamentos de última geração. Nutrição. Natação, Pilates, Hidroginástica, Body Pump, Body Combat, entre outras. Conheça as várias promoções.

De facto, tudo começa com um bom planeamento. Neste processo criativo devemos considerar os hortícolas e as especiarias como ingredientes mágicos...

O Stress é considerada uma das principais doenças deste século. A vida moderna é cheia de dificuldades, prazos, frustrações e exigências. Para...

O alongamento é uma prática fundamental para o bom funcionamento do corpo, proporcionando maior agilidade e elasticidade. Quanto mais uma pessoa...

Após este período de tempo mais exigente em termos de gestão quer da nossa saúde física, mental e emocional, fruto da necessidade de adaptação...

Declaro que fui devidamente informado no que diz respeito ao tratamento dos meus dados pessoais e que tenho idade igual ou superior a 16 anos. Consulte AQUI a forma como são tratados os seus dados pessoais e AQUI a nossa Política de Privacidade.

Autorizo** o responsável pelo tratamento – nos termos dos direitos de informação – a enviar-me newsletters, mensagens informativas, divulgação de eventos, ofertas e novidades, através de e-mail ou sms, bem como a comunicar os meus dados pessoais às sociedades pertencentes ao Grupo SC Fitness, para efeitos de marketing (campanhas promocionais e comunicação a efetuar por aquelas entidades) associadas aos health clubs explorados por aquelas entidades.


Solinca Dragão ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Solinca Dragão: Opiniões

Cleo Soares 1 month ago

Amazing place with excellent treatment and very good values....

Joao Branquinho Mota 1 month ago

Good facilities, good welcome

Yankiel Miguel Sánchez Gonzalez 1 month ago

Excellent scenario to practice sports with good people, good teachers and good service. I recommend 100%

sinan wannous 1 month ago

It's ones of the best gyms in Porto, although it's a little bit pricy but you get much better services. The pool is nice and all other facilities and changing rooms are clean and well-served. But be careful there are some thiefs who might steal your stuff if not properly locked inside the cabinet.

Manuel da Fonseca Teixeira 1 month ago

The best GYN of the Solinca group

Joao Serdoura 1 month ago

I train there and with the promotions that have been there it has been very advantageous to train there. In addition as a bad pandemic… paguri gave me against departure with fair discounts. The quality of the facilities also seems to me to be good. Worth the 5 *

Paula Verissimo 1 month ago

Solinca is more than a gym, it is a center of integrated activities, ready to deliver more health and well-being to its members.

joao morais 1 month ago

Always impeccable cleaning. TOP Instructors and Employees

João Carlos Mendes 1 month ago

Great pool and jacuzzi, good facilities and equipment. Attentive staff.

Renata Oliveira 2 months ago

I liked it a lot I will subscribe again

Filipe Soares 2 months ago

Friendly staff and very dynamic group classes. very good gym

Fernando Ribeiro 2 months ago

Very well located and equipped

Paola Ramirez 3 months ago

Very good.voy for clothes and go to la ahora. Today you have a sauna and rest....

Carlos Ferreira 3 months ago

Undoubtedly the best Solinca in the country. Excellent swimming pools, jacuzzi and water jets. Free parking.

Higino Manuel Matos 3 months ago

A quiet space and friendly staff

Sara Silva 4 months ago

The best solinca's gym in Porto. The staff is great, the structure is renewed and with a parking lot inside the stadium, with POOL.

Paulo Cardoso 4 months ago

Best gym in Porto.

Ana De Macedo 5 months ago

All super friendly, helpful and super clean spaces.

Jaminne Vinuto 5 months ago

Great for training and also for relaxing. Huge with lots of variety of equipment.

ENG?N UYAR 5 months ago

Portugal - Turkey match will be played on Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 22:45.

José Magalhães 6 months ago

A gym equipped with all the best, friendly and attentive staff.

Tania Marinho 7 months ago

A very positive experience. The professionals are friendly and competent. What I like the most is the fact that it's spacious and people don't run over each other. Maximum score for not having the music pumping like most gyms. Allows you to listen to our music/podcasts without having to burst your ears.

Luisa Lima 8 months ago

Ginásio bom, piscina ótima e zona de jacuzzi esplêndida.

Heric Carvalho 9 months ago

Like every other Solinca club across the country, it's just wonderful. But I particularly like this one, as it gives the feeling of being bigger and more complete. Otherwise, the employees are exceptional and the trainers are always careful not to make bad positions in order to have sequels in the future. The atmosphere between partners and employees is simply wonderful. Congratulations

Yumna Omar 9 months ago

Excelente instalações. Sala de pesos livres já precisa de melhorias. Staff simpático e prestável.


The Gym is right under the Dragon Stadium facilities. very spacious and comfortable with a heated swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and a good and very complete weight room.

Maria de lurdes Penas 11 months ago

Spectacular good service total sympathy staff and the teacher I advise everyone Thank you

Jose Oliveira 11 months ago

Good gym with good machines and big areas to train. Monitors always available to help.

LEANDRO SANTOS 11 months ago

Excellent facilities and a lot of variety, Tb for children. I recommend.

Ivo Rosário 11 months ago

Spacious, modern Health Club, with a lot of offer. Competent and very attentive staff.

Lourdes 1 year ago

As a member of Solinca, I visit and train in all units, and today was the day to meet Solinca Dragon unit. I can only say that it is the best in all aspects. There I found a pool of perfect hydroginastica, and an excellent swimming pool. Apart from the boxing bags that I can train the Boxing and maytay, thus strengthening legs and arms congratulations.

Patricia Aureliano 1 year ago

Ample space, various modalities, free parking for those who train. Pools. Good location and good prices.

Thales Eduardo 1 year ago

Sensational material and lots of classes. Super recommend! In a gym like this it's impossible not to be motivated

Victor Kifer 1 year ago


Augusta Couto 1 year ago

The best gym in Porto. At all levels.

José Lino 2 years ago

Pleasant, except in the changing rooms, lack of hygiene on the part of the users, and the solinca has no guilt whatsoever. Cleaning is done in order to perform well for all users.

juancarlos teixeira 2 years ago

Good afternoon I would like to know when the club reopens, otherwise I would like to cancel the contract, I would also like you to reply to emails

Gabriel Correia 2 years ago

Good condition despite the pool from time to time getting clearer and having difficulty breathing.

Mark Macedo 3 years ago

Excellent Gym with all the extras.

Pedro Morais 3 years ago

Huge variety of appliances, pools and everything. Great space and ok price.

Félix Serna 3 years ago

It is prepared to respond to who wants to do some type of training. There is a great environment

Paulo Sarmento 3 years ago

It only has the defect that some RPM classes are not really RPM classes. There are those who like it.

conceicao lima 3 years ago

The solinka is a gym of choice. I really like going there mainly to do hydroginastica k and k more I use the rest I don't have much health to use, but they are 6 stars

Eunice tavares 3 years ago

I love this gym, the staff is friendly and attentive. In terms of cleanliness is always spotless. It offers a wide range of classes and cardio and bodybuilding rooms very well equipped. The heated pool is

Carlos Santos 3 years ago

What can I say with 5 stars: impeccable location, easy parking, long hours, excellent facilities, large changing rooms, sauna, steam room, huge jacuzzi, relaxation room. Only the pool could be brighter. Very friendly staff.

Rui Ribeiro 3 years ago

I came from oxygen to the solinca and in good time, it is an abysmal difference in square meters, offer to the customer at all levels of the best, in the waters I have no adjectives because I rate it with ********** stars, friendliness , great bar, car park, anyway ....... I am happy with this change.

André Andrade 4 years ago

Good facilities, great variety of equipment, large pools and friendly staff

Pedro Rodrigues 4 years ago

I have been going to this gym for 3 years and I like it a lot. Excellent conditions. Good location. Wide variety of activities. Friendly and helpful staff!

Manuel Silva 4 years ago

Great gym especially by the pool and it's huge Good conditions for a healthy workout Pts of the best

AnjinhA Fireblade 4 years ago

Some machines need to be oiled, it is the only defect I find. The pool and spa area is incredible!

Diogo Fernandes 5 years ago

Very good condition. Many Pt's. Lots of machine. Pool to envy. With jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish. A healthy snack bar with daily but carote.

Afonso Ramos 5 years ago

This place was recently renovated with brand new gym apparel and renovations are proceeding to the overall look of the gym. It has tons of space and great gym advisors. Great price too and for an extra you can go to any Solinca on the country.

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