Informações sobre o AmazinGym Padrão da Légua

R. dos Fogueteiros 341
4460-724, Custoias
+351 22 112 1405

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sábado: 09:00 – 20:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 13:00

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AmazinGym Padrão da Légua ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

AmazinGym Padrão da Légua: Opiniões

Joseth De Castro 1 month ago

Impressive! Amazing! Congratulations!

Rui .Teixeira 1 month ago

Good place to train with quality facilities

Miguel Macedo 4 months ago

Gym 5*...

Beatriz Macedo 4 months ago

Great! Very clean and hygienic, extremely qualified, friendly and attentive trainers. Interesting and varied group classes. Lots of services available like nutrition, private workouts, training plans, and lots of friendly and encouraging follow-up. I recommend

Pedro Costa Photography 4 months ago

Communicative team, wide variety of machines, very clean changing rooms and tasteful music

Rui Rodrigues 5 months ago

Very good space, excellent hygiene

Ana Silva 6 months ago

Gym with friendly and professional people. Always willing to help. Excellent professionals.

Paulo Ramos 11 months ago

Great gym, 5 star staff

Diana Marques 11 months ago

Best team! Super helpful and lively!

Bernardo Baltazar 1 year ago

5* Quality price gym

Fábio Pinto 1 year ago


Isabel Santos 1 year ago

Friendly staff, good atmosphere and very well equipped, I recommend it!

Rui Cunha 1 year ago

Excellent professionals and a top environment for those who like to train, so far the best gym I've ever trained in (:

Rosemary Borges Larrubia 1 year ago

I love great diversity of classes and personal I have been in this gym for years and I recommend it

Virgílio Silva 1 year ago

Technical Quality of the Teachers and friendliness and and all the staff

jose antonio 1 year ago

Good place to train, good machines, excellent environment and very professional staff, very affordable price, I recommend without any doubt.

Diogo André Gomes 2 years ago

Super attentive and friendly staff, always available to help. They are very competent and make members feel involved in a family spirit.

Carlos dos anjos 2 years ago

Great trainers, great gym, big space, okay equipment. Could use more bench press only 1 in the gym.

Fabio Pires 2 years ago

A nice place to train

André Rodrigues 2 years ago

Good location! Recommended hygiene conditions. In a pandemic phase, it adapted well and was able to provide quality training with safety and hygiene. Congratulations to the team.

Margarida Branca Ferreira Monteiro Ramos 2 years ago

The best gym in matosinhos and standard good environment good instructors spacious and with various equipment.

nuno paiva 2 years ago

Excellent gym with excellent team! Simply surrendered to the fantastic service of the entire inner core. Very friendly and available teachers! Gym with good conduct, good atmosphere, many social activities. Congratulations

Aventino Machado 2 years ago

Gym with spectacular staff and economical price

Paulo Teixeira 3 years ago

Good facilities, equipment, good classes and especially a team of professionals always very attentive and welcoming, it is recommended !!!

Elisabete Carla 3 years ago

Beautiful and very well organized space

Ana Sofia Baptista 3 years ago

Very well equipped. Super friendly staff. Very professional.

Cláudia Lopes 3 years ago

A large gym, friendly teachers, just find it a little cold at temperature level.

João Correia 3 years ago

Great facilities and great variety of classes, highlighting those of cycling. There could be more benches but rest is a well composed gym

André Ferreira 3 years ago

One of the best gyms in relation to price / quality

di Olive 3 years ago

Large gym with lots of variety of machines and classes

marcio cardoso 3 years ago


Anabela Ferreira 3 years ago

Today I will start 1st class of gymnastics n / AmazinGym Standard. After that it public my opinion. In principle I hope to like it.

Joaquim Santos 3 years ago

Show. Good environment for training. Very family friendly.

Carla Lamas 3 years ago

Good facilities and excellent staff! Highly recommend !!!

Maria Santos 3 years ago

A very nice gym, complete in all areas of activity. It has excellent conditions. Teachers 5 *, definitely recommend.

Joaquim Pereira 3 years ago

Excellent gym! Good atmosphere, good price and high quality!

Vasco Oliveira 3 years ago

Very friendly, great facilities. The classes are also very fun

Paula Caseiro 3 years ago

Gym with an excellent space, dedicated professionals, serene and almost familiar environment.

helder ferraz 4 years ago

Price quality of excellence top instructors

António Jorge (Jorge) 4 years ago

Instructors, Teachers, Collaborators, Nutritionists and structures of excellence.

joana almeida 4 years ago

I love the gym, which has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. It has great professionals!

Ana Pereira 4 years ago

New gym. Good location. Good parking.

Juliana Fernandes 4 years ago

Great equipment and attentive team of teachers as well as the reception service

RegularShift RS 4 years ago

Excellent quality / price ratio.

Sandra Ribeiro 4 years ago

A nice place to train, with super friendly and professional 5-star people

Veronica Martins 4 years ago

Space of the best, excellent teachers

Pedro Barbot 4 years ago

Spectacular staff, spacious and well filled, large and quality changing rooms, lots of lockers

Hugo Pereira 4 years ago


Jose Martins 4 years ago

Amazing. Teacher. Friendly. Friendly resectionist. Simple. Mind. Spectacular just go there

Marta Teixeira 4 years ago


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