Informações sobre o Forus Porto

P. da Cooperativa A Realidade 118
4465-330, São Mamede da Infesta
+351 22 951 4459

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • sábado: 09:00 – 20:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 14:00

Descubre todos los gimnasios Forus, sus instalaciones, las ventajas para clientes, los horarios y las clases de entrenamiento. ¡Informate online!

Oferecemos-te uma ampla gama de atividades para fazeres em grupo ou individualmente. Temos uma equipa qualificada de profissionais dedicados, para que passes as melhores horas do teu dia na Forus.

Actividad acuática, cardiovascular y de tonificación, al ritmo de la música, para mejorar el equilibrio, la resistencia cardiovascular y coordinación

No Forus dispomos de 34 clubes onde oferecemos serviços de qualidade e umas instalações premium para garantir-te um serviço excepcional. Estes são os nossos clubes:


Forus Porto ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Forus Porto: Opiniões

Cátia Sousa 2 months ago

From the place itself to the staff, everything was wonderful, clean and a super familiar space.

Manuel Gomes da Costa 3 months ago

Very complete gym with options for all ages, including swimming pool

alexandru sendrea 3 months ago

Best gym in Porto

Silvia Sousa 3 months ago


Jorge Gonçalves 3 months ago

Very good I strongly advise

Clandestino 3 months ago

Very good gym, clean good machines and facilities also staff very friendly

Paulo Magina 4 months ago

Family gym, TOP

Bernardino Oliveira 4 months ago

Gym with good capacity, good instructors and good location. Rooms for group classes with good capacity, swimming pool sauna Turkish bath

Beatriz Ramos 4 months ago

I liked the environment, kindness of the employees, assistance from the coach. Very attentive to my puppy (smallest) .o.what was my reason for signing up

joão fernandes 4 months ago


César Pinheiro 5 months ago

Very good! Good atmosphere, amazing classes, always clean and tidy

Elvira Meireles 5 months ago

I loved it it works very well and cheap thank you

Fernando Teixeira 7 months ago

Satisfied with the general service: reception and technical support. Magnificent facilities: swimming pool, sauna and Turkish bath. Result of a month and a half of experience.

Edgar Canro (TheGaraje-SoftwareHQ) 8 months ago

Tiene ló necessary for exercise

Nuno Alves 8 months ago

Excellent gym. Variety of classes and very friendly staff. It has a swimming pool and Turkish bath.

Andréa Boche 8 months ago

Gym very well equipped, good light, competent teachers, attentive staff.

maria valadares 8 months ago

It's my gym of choice I go there every day and I feel great there.

Roberto Carlos 8 months ago

My favorite gym.

Ricardo Ferreira 8 months ago

Airy and well frequented place

Francisco Couto 9 months ago

Very good family pack.

Nuno Campos 10 months ago

Excellent sports space/Gym. I recommend to visit and meet.

Nuno Sousa 1 year ago

An excellent gym, very well equipped. It has a nice swimming pool, a children's room, the main room with plenty of equipment, a multipurpose room and two specific rooms (elitic and bicycles). In addition, it has a good outdoor area used for some activities. It has a sauna and a hammam (currently undergoing renovation). A free car park is available for members. Values ??are good for what you have. Nutrition consultations are also available, included in the monthly fee.

Alice Silva 1 year ago

Super clean, good classes, good teachers. New machines. Excellent gym. I recommend

ANA ANDRADE 1 year ago

Amazing classes, immaculately clean and elegant space, top professionals — nothing fails here.

Luis Pimenta 1 year ago

Espaçoso muito material e muitas aulas para participar , preço muito em conta e local para deixar as nossas crianças com supervisão.

Joana Burnay 1 year ago


Fábio Ferreira 1 year ago

Nice and big space.

Stefano Aguiar 1 year ago

Fantastic gym with the best pool I've ever seen. They even have self workout cards by the pool with programs to follow. Water treatment is fantastic. The overall installations are awesome, brand new and all the staff I interested with was amazing. Kudos to them!

Edlamar Dila 1 year ago

Great, wonderful gym. Professional performers very clean place. It's a gym that's like an extension of my house, I feel very good and feel free to do all the exercises. And stay as long as it takes. I love a lot ??

Lil Nantes 1 year ago

Sandra M Cunha Sousa 1 year ago

Fantastic! Collaborators, technicians, facilities .. all 5 * And close to !!!! Thank you!

Ana Coelho 1 year ago

Excellent conditions and quality of work! Hygiene above all, including at this time of pandemic

Joel Fernandes 1 year ago

Great place for families, I highly recommend it for family sports activity.

francisco manuel dias dos santos 1 year ago


Arcílio Sousa 1 year ago

The best gym in Porto

Lilian Moraes 2 years ago

Everything top, professional. Super recommend and very accessible and parking.

Ricardo Bravo 2 years ago

Exquisite Health Club, well equipped with a discreet atmosphere.

Hugo Ribeiro 2 years ago

The best. Prices for those sometimes unable to work could be reduced

Carminda Maia 2 years ago

I walk in this gym has fitness machines and exercise machines and several classes with exercise teachers

Maria Pereira 2 years ago

When this new direction appeared, I did not welcome it very well! Nowadays I really like it, especially for the professionals I work with, they are very good!

Lucio Matias 2 years ago

Within the possible a good gym

Rodrigues 3 years ago

Everything is OK

paula barroso 3 years ago

Top gym with spectacular lessons.

fabio alexandre porfirio da silveira 3 years ago

Great training, friendly teachers, gym complete with sauna, pool and varied activities, not closed on Sundays and holidays

José Caria Luís 3 years ago

Gym with good areas, new and very varied appliances, as well as Swimming pool, Turkish Bath and Sauna. It has 4 vast Halls where the most varied Disciplines are practiced, each one with its monitor. These teachers / monitors are extremely kind. Better will be difficult.

Jose Morais 3 years ago

Good gym.

Helena Sereno 3 years ago

Excellent space, excellent professionals. Highly recommend.

Amélia Leirós 3 years ago

I think it's very good in terms of equipment, classes with a good atmosphere...the employees at the beginning could be a little closed because they still didn't know the people. I for example attend this gym for almost four years and even though they are doing works... .it's much better than what it used to be...strength and keep it up

Artur Peixe 3 years ago

To maintain the level and line

Maria Miguel Vaz 3 years ago

Excellent conditions, attentive and friendly professionals, new and good quality equipment.

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