Informações sobre o Holmes Place Club

Rua Coro de Santo Amaro de Oeiras 9
2780-379, Lisboa
+351 21 199 3250

Horário de funcionamento

Holmes Place Club ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

O Clube Oeiras, oferece-lhe serviços premium de fitness, nutrição, spa e outros serviços para uma vida equilibrada, saudável e agradável.

No clube Oeiras encontrará 4000m2 de instalações com a tecnologia mais avançada, uma ampla sala de fitness, uma zona de treino funcional, estúdio de spinning , um estúdio holístico e ainda kidâ??s club. Aqui poderá também desfrutar da piscina dinâmica que inclui hidromassagem sequencial, tratamento de hidroterapia localizado, cama e banco de aerobanho, cascata, leque, pescoço de cisne e corredor de marcha. Dispõe ainda de vários circuitos de tratamento, duche sensações (duche de cuba, duche de pulverização, duche bitérmico com 2 essências) e jatos de água.

Oferecemos-lhe um conjunto completo de serviços para uma vida equilibrada, saudável e agradável. Aqui os valores da nossa marca tornam-se reais: Equilíbrio, Apoio, Inclusão e Progresso. Tem à sua espera tudo o que precisa para uma vida mais saudável.

A nossa equipa foi cuidadosamente escolhida pela sua capacidade de motivação e inspiração pessoal, dos seus colegas e principalmente dos nossos sócios. � a sua personalidade e entusiasmo que guiam a visão do Holmes Place e que marcam a diferença.


Holmes Place Club ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Holmes Place Club: Opiniões

Marisa Cunha 3 weeks ago

Excellent conditions, excellent staff, excellent facilities .... without a doubt the best. I recommend to all who are lazy to train, at Virgin Active will feel motivated for sure, I feel privileged.

Ana Martins 1 month ago

Excellent facilities and service.

Edmilson Lucas 1 month ago

Very complete gym, good equipment, great structure.

Sofia 1 month ago

Excellent swimming teachers.

Nick 4eRnuxa 1 month ago


Matacano Luiambo 1 month ago

I really liked this Gym with friendly PT, everything works.

Svetlana Tsymliakova 1 month ago

Great location, nice staff, great pool, clean and comfortable. The perfect place to reach your fitness goals!

Dmytro Stezhko 1 month ago

Nice place

Helena Lucena 1 month ago

Very nice and full of equipment for all tastes. Friendly staff, well trained and attentive to users. I just found the water in the pool so cold that I can't even heat up swimming.

Luis Guedes 2 months ago

Excellent facilities.

Nuno Marques 3 months ago

What the brand has given us...quality and diversity

David Mata 3 months ago

Very good attention from qualified teachers for training

josé figueiredo 5 months ago

All kinds of machines, an excellent pool and a high-quality SPA

Jose Chantre de Sousa 5 months ago

Gym with excellent facilities and equipment. It has an excellent 25 meter swimming pool. The bathhouses are also excellent. It is very well located, right next to Oeiras Park. There are many modalities in group classes. Just check the class map and show up on time!

Horas Concorridas Lda 6 months ago


Mauricio Torres 6 months ago

Amazing place Great personal trainers and equipment. Swimming pool and SPA are TOP

Victor Silva Magalhães 7 months ago

A phenomenal gym, large, clean, with impeccable machines, a beautiful view to do some exercises. Swimming pool, sauna and 5-star service

Helena Moura 10 months ago

Variety of classes, a wonderful Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, etc.

Nuno Morgado 1 year ago

Best gym in the line

Ahmed & Adem 1 year ago

I went there for more info and was attended by Sr Nuno . He was very helpful and professional. Sadly, I'm still hesitating to sign in due to this current situation with COVID

Cátia Marques 1 year ago

Overlooking the River Linda, restaurant Very nice and bright. Great service, wonderful food!

Mônica Horta Azeredo 1 year ago

I love this gym. Beautiful, clean, high level of technical and service staff. Responsible for hours of great pleasure in my days. I highly recommend

Nathalie Quintans 1 year ago

excellent club

Hermes Gomes 1 year ago

Excelente profissionalismo e as pessoas que estão de apoio a sala são super atenciosas

Elisabete Fernandes 1 year ago

Bom atendimento, simpatia, disponibilidade, profissionalismo, bons espaços... Boa organização!

Elizabeth Pinheiro 1 year ago

Wonderful service. I always feel well received. Impeccable atmosphere. My second home!

Johnnie Simões 1 year ago

I especially like the Algés club where I've been working for almost 13 years. Well equipped and professional staff to assist you. Yeah

Gildasio Alves Alves 1 year ago

I visited and recommend it very wide and many devices I hope to get a schedule at the service so I can go to train

Nuno Ferreira 2 years ago

Very good excellent gym

Paulo Guedes 2 years ago

I like the cycle classes here

Alberto Tureikis 2 years ago

Excellent Infrastructure

Katia Castro Costa 2 years ago

A gym where everything is well maintained and quality. Super staff, unrivaled instructors, great group classes, top equipment, impeccable facilities, spectacular jacuzzi and excellent attendance. All the best!

Luiz Carlos 2 years ago

Excellent gym, with a very high level of comfort. It has private parking. Modern equipment. Very friendly and professional service. It has a swimming pool for activities and another for relaxation, saunas.

Svitlana Portechyn 2 years ago

Large pool, swimming lessons for children, spa, plenty of space, changing rooms with dryers. Good place!

André Fernandes 3 years ago

Not Virgin Club anymore, it now belongs to the Holmes Place Group. If fitness and health is a priority for you. You won't be disappointed. Excellent staff and facilities. From the weights room, machines, treadmill with a nice view of the sunset, classes, spa, sauna and meditation shower. You have everything. Depending on your financial capabilities you can keep track of your progress fitness and nutritional wise with the help of their onsite professionals.

David José 3 years ago

Funny how that is so awesome

The Rabbit Guy 3 years ago

lovely place, quite big and very helpful staff

Bruno Faustino 3 years ago

Perfect conditions. Probably the best gym in the region.

????? 3 years ago

This is Holmes Place club already, huge spa zone, long enough pool for swimming, a lot of movement between 18:00-20-00, but it's ok, many good trenajer and a lot of space for waiting and cofee area, the price is most expensive in Lisbon, for those wgo don't care it's best option

Daniel Vitorino 3 years ago

Good club with excelent equipment. Reception staff is friendly and helpful. The initial consultations with a personal trainer and nutricionist are very helpful. A little expensive, but you do get what you pay for.

Ksenia Held 3 years ago

It belongs to Homes place now. Fantastic facilities!

Gil Aires 4 years ago

Fantastic space, TOP and varied weight machines, Technogym TOP treadmills, and the best SPA in Portugal!

Flame Boy Epic 4 years ago

Hi? Oh ok im going to write something....... GREAT PLACE!!!

João Lima 4 years ago

Gym with a lot of space and new equipment. Has a really nice spa for relaxing.

Ana Esteves 4 years ago

Virgin Active forever! It has lost some quality since moving to HP, but it remains the best gym in the line.

Gosia 4 years ago

Very nice gym.

Carlos Brito 4 years ago

Gym with large areas. Good individual rooms for spin, fit, Power jump, body pump, yoga classes, etc. Huge pool with several lanes, overlooking Serra de Sintra. Fabulous spa with enveloping showers

Joao Carlos de Morais Cardoso 4 years ago

Differentiated experience due to the well equipped SPA to relax after a workout. The pool has a beautiful view over the Sintra mountains and lots of natural light.

Ninja Pinto 4 years ago

Awesome facility!!!! Great price. Their SPA area is amazing!!!!

Guilherme da Silva 5 years ago

Excellent conditions

Luis Lopes 6 years ago

A great space full of great professionals. Very good environment and excellent conditions for physical exercise. After 1 year and almost half I still have the same opinion;)

Vitor Marques 6 years ago

Excellent health club! Modern, spacious and with plenty of natural light. The SPA is a great place to unwind after a few hours of hard exercise. Outside the Virgin Health Club, I only have to point out the meager supply of public transport.

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