Informações sobre o Yamba

Estrada da Praia do Castelo
2825-491, Costa da Caparica
+351 932 737 401

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Cerrado temporalmente
Yamba ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.


Yamba ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Yamba: Opiniões

Deborah Clancy 2 years ago

Great setting, lovely live music, the staff were all fantastic, especially Ricardo who made our night. Quite reasonably priced too considering the setting!would recommend. We got there at 6.30 for sunset and the 2 HR rule wasn't strictly enforced. Thanks all!

Alexander Sasha Zyryaev 2 years ago

There are two things I really liked: the surf hut and our waiter Nuno.

Sven Haux 2 years ago

Perfect spot for the sunset! Super friendly service! Especially Ricardo and Daniel! Best ones! Thank you The food was good, drinks are good, service is good! I'll come back! ??

Charlotte Roemer 2 years ago

Really nice bar to chill or have dinner. Cool vibes. A bit expensive. Perfect for sunsets. Before corona also nice place for parties

James McBreen 2 years ago

Had a really great time at Yamba! Prawn tacos were superb, got nicely tipsy on mojitos and had stellar service from Nuno. Fully recommend. Location is also fantástico

Vinicius Pecora 2 years ago

Gorgeous place, good food, great drinks.

capa .rica 2 years ago

Este bar acabou de arder hoje :( Acho muito estanho que na praia do castelo já tenham ardido dois bares, o da direita primeiro e agora o da esquerda, só não arde o do meio, de um tal Toni, que por sinal é muito, mas mesmo muito, mal formado. No crime não há coincidências...

Raquel Silva 2 years ago

O sítio em si é lindo, tanto a praia como o bar, vale a pena visitar! Foi pena que marcámos para um dia que calhou não haver água no estabelecimento, ligaram-nos para mudar a nossa reserva das 16h para as 18h. E apesar de curto, foi ótimo o tempo que la estivemos, pois tiveram de fechar devido à ainda falta de água! Apesar de termos sido muito bem atendidos, com pessoal sempre atento e preocupado, serviram-me um mojito com álcool após ter pedido “virgin mojito” pois estou grávida. Não sei o nome do rapaz, mas foi muito atencioso e trocou por um sem álcool na hora. Estas coisas acontecem, mas vale muito a pena visitar!

João Pinto 2 years ago

Comida saudavel e deliciosa, óptimo conceito adorei ????

Nic 3 years ago

Great place to relax

Susan Laurie 3 years ago

Super cool, natural beach bar with great music, a variety of delicious drinks and healthy food. Don't forget to call early for a reservation, and ask for Mia as your server! She's the best!

Oreste Parmentola 3 years ago

Magical Place not ti be missed

Barbara 3 years ago

The service is super super nice and friendly!! The best place to watch sunset in fantastic location with glass of whiskey ;) ALSO amazing decor with comfortable seats!!

Mayana Moreira 3 years ago

Right priced, but nice ambience and atmosphere!

A. Csc 3 years ago

Breno is good and a gréât employee. Thanks to him, i had à great day

Charles 3 years ago

Loved spending the afternoon there, overlooking the beach with a nice background of house music.

Ioana Stanciu 3 years ago

Yamba is the best place in Portugal! I visited the country many times but this place is unique. I recommend it from my heart! Great design, amazing food, super friendly staff and sexy reception girls! I was there with a group of friends and we are all so happy with our experience. If you visit Lisbon, you have to have “Yamba Experience”.

Mike M 3 years ago

Great vibes, beautiful beach

FX Fischer 3 years ago

WE had a great day AT yamba beach. Great atmosphere, delicious food ans perfect staff (especially Katia and Jess) Keep going guys

Giorgia Abeltino 3 years ago

Cool, young people, good vibes

William Tonnard 3 years ago

Friendly service, delicious variety of food and amazing atmosphere and vibes. Eco conscious place, which feels good when you are surrounded by nature. Early hours are less busy, so pretty cool to enjoy are peacefull lunch with friends. It gets very busy with a nice crowd at the end of the afternoon with a breathtaking sunset right in front of you. I would definitely recommend this place in lisbon.

Mauricio Barembuem 3 years ago

Gorgeous place, really nice vibes and great music!

Go Chengdoo 3 years ago

Party and setting are pretty decent. Haven't eaten there yet, but drinks could be stronger...anyways the place to go atm - also nice place to chill or work during the day..........

antoine martinez 3 years ago

Yamba rocks best beach club anywhere around Lisbon (and best parties!)

Alex Cousens 3 years ago

Fantastic venue right on the beach front! We were treated to a spectacular party of food, drinks and music by the Yamba team. Everyone is so nice. Unique relaxed atmosphere - highly recommended!

Zubair khan 3 years ago

The place is super chill. Food is great and budget friendly. Nice music, beach and sunset. What else you need ?

Vanessa Graniffo 3 years ago

Such a great place, love the ambiance and the food is fantastic! Had great service from Nuno - me and my friends felt really well taken care of. Will definitely be back soon!

Di?na Boitmane 3 years ago

Beautiful beach bar. Very good tuna tetaki. The best is to enjoy everything on the beach. I was there on private event and they had good coordination and service with attention. Totally enjoyed the stay

David Araújo 3 years ago

Great food, amazing cocktails and good service on the most breathtaking beachbar environment I've ever been.

Charles Morphett 3 years ago

Amazing vibes

Ricardo Dias 3 years ago


Edvarts Naglins 3 years ago

Artistic atmosphere right at the side of the ocean . Locally available place with amazing music, amazing and price friendly food.

Markus Röleke 3 years ago

Lovely place. I talked with the owner. He said he fulfilled his dream and a dream it is! Very nice staff, fair prices. Top food and drinks. I recommend it very much. Hope to visit soon.

charlie hughes 3 years ago

Breno is amazing, great service. We offered him a drink and said his boss would kill him if he did. Great employee, you're lucky to have him Unfortunately, can't leave another one. Jessica is amazing, she told us to shout if we needed a drink and everything worked smoothly

Shirin Motamed 4 years ago

Super cool new beach bar!

Filipa Velez 4 years ago

It was an awesome sunset!!!

João Silva 4 years ago

Good vibe

Marguerite Yates 4 years ago

Relaxed spot to sun and enjoy the beautiful Atlantic surf 30 minutes from Lisbon. Offers lovely fresh fruit drinks and creative dishes. Friendly attentive service. Make sure to reserve your thatched umbrella so you can bask comfortably all afternoon.

saman rahbar 4 years ago

Cool beachclub, great music, service lacking a bit tho tbh

OFFTRAIL TALE 4 years ago

Epic place epic vibe epic people epic views... No more word to say.

ziad kaki 4 years ago

Amazing views by the sea. The chicken is outstanding and every other appetizer aswell. Friendly staff and cool hip music. Great for relaxing and tanning. Make sure you get your own towels from the shops on the streets! Definitely coming back on Sunday;)

Bubba Zanetti 4 years ago


Bruno Janeiro 4 years ago

Best Sunset !!

Nick Seruwagi 4 years ago

Best beach bar in Lisboa! Venue- located only 30 mins drinks from central Lisbon this beach bar is a hidden gem. Well decorated and very well managed Yamba is a must visit. If you are can you should visit on one of their many Pulsar events. This please is calm, clean and has everything you need for a chilled at day at the beach. Staff - personable, professional and attractive. It makes the experience calming and fun Music - on theme and just right for a relaxing experience Food- they have snack and bar food so you won’t go hungry. Great drinks too Sunset - on comment, go see for yourself.

Mischa Vrouwe 4 years ago

Amazing place and nice food!

Marcos Rodriguez 4 years ago


Sara W 4 years ago

I love Yamba! We had such a nice time here on a Friday. Arrived for lunch around 1:30pm and stayed the whole day. At first, we were a bit frustrated with the slower service, but we realized this is a beach (things should be slower) and it was a bit understaffed. We were sad that some of the items from the menu were not available, but everything we ended up ordering was amazing! This included the shrimp/avocado, ceviche, chicken, roasted vegetables, and sweet potato fries!! The mojitos were great, but you could put some ice cream with the chocolate fondant and would make it better. Beach is very secluded from the public area, and music is good as well. Nice simple decorations.

Anneclemence Sire 4 years ago

Very nice place, beautiful set up.great food and service. Reasonable prices for a private beach. Feels like Bali in Portugal.

Dimitrios Ploutarchos 4 years ago

Great vibes, excellent drinks and beautiful view

Oka Imoveis 4 years ago

Best beach spot in Lisbon

Tom Heres 5 years ago

Great place to chill, surf, watch sunsets and enjoy amazing food and drinks

leonardo oliveira 5 years ago

Great place, beautiful sunset and awesome team!

Amaury Meunier 5 years ago

Fresh juices and cocktail, organic cuisine with vegan options, beautiful sunsets with top DJs in the background... what else?! Yamba is the beach place to go when in Lisbon!

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