Informações sobre o Fitness Hut Vila Nova De Gaia

R. Dom Henrique de Cernache nº 70 e
4400-625, Vila Nova de Gaia
+351 913 245 437

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 21:00
  • sábado: 09:00 – 19:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 15:00

Bem-vindo aos Ginásios Fitness Hut! 1ª rede de Fitness Clubs “Premium, Low Cost” em Portugal, Lisboa , Porto, Braga e Setúbal.

*Válido para não sócios Fitness Hut maiores de 16 anos de 15 a 21/01/2022. Oferta de inscrição inicial joia 0€ em qualquer tipo de adesão. Não acumulável com outras campanhas em vigor.

Desde aulas para ganhar resistência física ou para equilibrar a mente, no Fitness Hut encontra uma variedade de aulas onde certamente não será difícil encontrar as suas favoritas. Reserve online no myHUT.

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Fitness Hut Vila Nova De Gaia: Opiniões

Carla A Martins Afonso 1 month ago

I really like to go there to practice GYM and not ONLY.

Regina Rodrigues 1 month ago

good professionals

Luis Santos 1 month ago

Very good gym with a fantastic team. I definitely recommend it. It just needs more machines because of the crowd at the end of the day.

Paulo Mendes 2 months ago

Gym with good interior space. My only criticism is that they could have a space outside to hold bikes or scooters.

David Gonçalves 2 months ago

It's great

Rui Miranda 2 months ago

Spacious, with excellent equipment, and professionals.

Cristina Araújo 3 months ago

Low cost gym but with excellent services. No loyalty, with several interesting classes, super friendly and dedicated staff, cleanliness and impeccable showers. It is not necessary to measure the temperature at the inlet. Medium sized but sufficient lockers. Wheelchair accessible entrance

Manu Marks 3 months ago

Best of all...the staff is extremely kind. The space is super clean.

Deise Bilotti 4 months ago

I love this gym, super attentive staff and very clean.

Bruno Carvalho 5 months ago

Excellent place for training with professionals of excellence.

Rui Campos 5 months ago

Everything is OK

reip r 7 months ago

Good staff management and machine sorting for what I seen sow far. Provide some areas with material to clean the machines due to covid what is good.

maria bela soares soares 7 months ago

The people who are working are attentive and friendly when we are doing the exercises and we are not doing well they always have a friendly word I recommend

Família Serenando 1 year ago

Excellent gym at fair prices

T Boteva 1 year ago

Perfect place with perfect Coach. Ze is the best.

Adam 1 year ago

Perfect gym - really friendly staff and trainers, a lot of machines and equipment, clean and spacious changing rooms and very powerful showers.

Alex Jo 1 year ago

Wide space, very dynamic in terms of classes and training.

Larissa Barbosa 1 year ago

In addition to the price being very reasonable, the trainers are friendly, it is not very crowded and has many options for group lessons

Hugo Gomes 1 year ago

Excellent place, I have been to several places in the north what I liked was the fantastic team that has, always wanting to help. cleaning It's great, I want to send a hug to the Wallyson cleaning employee whenever I'm there doing an excellent job. And congratulations to the gym itself, I will always come back

ivair ladeira 1 year ago

Good gym, good equipment, classes and changing rooms. Cleanliness is noteworthy!

Marcela Almeida 1 year ago

Very well equipped, clean and with excellent service

Américo braz 1 year ago

Recumendavel, sem duvida...

Xines87 1 year ago

Bom preço e um bom ambiente, e sempre dispostos ajudar quando é preciso.

Angelina Pavlishina 1 year ago

Clean, organized, super comfortable space to hang out.

Bruno Costa 1 year ago

Muito bom..

Sérgio Miranda 2 years ago

Staff friendly. Reasonable facilities, easy parking.

Marta Ângela Ferreira de Sousa Melo 2 years ago

Gymnasium with unclear laws, Swindle !!

Juliano Rotolo Vicentin 2 years ago

Great space, top gadgets, great staff, we really enjoyed it, and all for a great price, ...

Vitor Costa 2 years ago

For its size it is great, its employees are helpful and friendly. I recommend

Rita Silva 2 years ago

Good organization and good quality of equipment.

Paulo Sérgio 2 years ago

Very good gym. Wide and with all cleaning and prevention requirements.

Roberto Sousa 2 years ago

Safe training with 5 staff ⭐ affordable price for everyone

Luísa Ventura 2 years ago

I walk in this gym I'm really enjoying it! Good space, good staff, good hygiene conditions! Top

Paula Amaral 2 years ago

Excellent staff; good prices; good time.

Anabela Alves 2 years ago

A good place for physical exercise and with several offers, great price

Filipe Amaral 2 years ago

Great prices, no loyalty, good space and staff

Carlos Nunes 2 years ago

Top experience! 3x a week and the level is very good

Gil Reis 3 years ago

Large space with machines, material and professionals of excellence.

conceicao santos 3 years ago

I'm just unsatisfied when there's no hot water.

Alexandre Saraiva 3 years ago

Top welcome by Manuel Seguro and equipment‍‍‍ I liked a lot of space, light, and changing rooms treinei treadmill 1 hour and 10 minutes rowing top invitation and wonderful inscription does not reach 4 euros without loyalty ♥ ️ ♥ ️

Bernard Simon 3 years ago

Very nice gym of which I am a very professional personal member. Not expensive. With everything you need to work well ..

Miguel Sousa 3 years ago

Great place to let sweat out

Jaime Morais 3 years ago


Diogo Pinto 3 years ago

Ideal gym to recover and maintain the physical form. In terms of spas is also very good. Whenever you think about a workout, you have to take care of the Fitness Hut.

Gonçalo Santos 4 years ago


Carolina Costa 4 years ago

Super fit

João Paulo Santos Baptista 4 years ago

Excellent location, very well equipped for exercising

Vadim Turcan 4 years ago

Good facilities, recent machines. Unbeatable quality price.

António Carlos Cardoso Borges 4 years ago

A good gym, excellent support, excellent conditions.

Jorge Nuno Mendes 5 years ago

Who comes to meet .... stay ..... client !!! I strongly recommend :)

Ricardo Teixeira 5 years ago

Gym with an unquestionable quality, very professional staff and always friendly. I strongly advise

Fábio Tojal 5 years ago

Great place to train ...

Marco Rocha 5 years ago

Good space, good staff, good prices, lots of classes and challenges to keep your training interesting

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