Informações sobre o Gymnasium Portimão

8500-210, Portimão
+351 912 154 915

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • sábado: 08:00 – 18:00
  • domingo: 08:00 – 13:00


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Gymnasium Portimão: Opiniões

Daniela Pacheco 1 year ago

Undoubtedly a gym where I feel 100% free of any prejudice, I love it, I dare to say that it is my place of therapy.

Dave Mc Naught 1 year ago

Well equipped gym with good layout

Portugal Beach Apartment 1 year ago

Great new gym to join after my move to Portugal from South Africa.

Marcos Vinícius 1 year ago

Top, extremely qualified and educated professionals. Excellent and ample space for training

Gustavo Ludieri 1 year ago


Ana Sousa Alfarrobeira 1 year ago

Clean, hygienic, well organized place, top equipment and friendly, accessible and professional employees! Recommend ?????

Rodrigo Vieira 1 year ago

Excellent gym with a dynamic, jovial and highly prepared staff. Accessible space with current construction and a good offer of plans. Much more affordable prices compared to others in the area. I recommend it for the environment, the area and the establishment's team.

Ruben3886 1 year ago

Everything impeccable. 5 star staff

Lorie Casbourne 1 year ago

Amazing classes and instructors. Fully equipped gym.

Rui Bravier 1 year ago

Excellent atmosphere, with a 10 star staff. Very dynamic group classes and always under a good ambient sound. Brutalissimo..

mina 123456789 1 year ago

I adore!!

Rogério Oliveira 1 year ago

Really enjoyed the top environment new machines Very cool

Fabrizio Alessi 1 year ago

Nice gymnastics complex for the body. Very nice and helpful staff. Excellent preparation and assistance from our Persomal trainer Luzia.

Fernando Fidalgo 1 year ago

The best gym in Portimão, friendly service, attention from the personal trainer, it's worth it

Cecilia Gomes 1 year ago

In a second phase - post covid19 - to attend, I like the organization and friendliness.

Raul Fonseca Correia 1 year ago

Huge machines... occupancy on the rise, certainly due to promotions. Location w to consider for those who want to start activity in a gym.

Jacqueline Thornton 1 year ago

Great gym..excellent equipment and there are always lots of trainers around to ask for advise. Highly recommend.

Thiago Ramos 1 year ago

The gym is great, everything is new and working very well. The staff is very friendly and helpful, making you feel free to exercise.

Bruno Santos 1 year ago

I made the agreement on September 8, 2021 and canceled on September 9, 2021. I was not informed at reception that regardless of entering after the 1st of each month, we always pay the monthly fee. If between the 15th of each month, then they make a deal... It's not logical. I thought that the next monthly fee would be debited on the 8th of each month. As I paid the money, they no longer had any attention to the customer, and basically this situation was completely indifferent to the reception (the monthly fee and the "additions" had already been paid). The receptionist guaranteed his excellent performance due to his "beautiful" work. Here, the value of the difference is not even at play. At issue is the unprofessionalism of those who show their face for the space and as such this influences negatively when they do not correctly inform situations. Look for another gym now, because when the posture is in bad faith and indifference we cannot allow such a situation. I don't recommend this gym. I work with upscale local accommodation, and I would even propose that guests go to this gym. I got a bad image of this gym and as I mentioned I will not refer any guests to this gym. Afterwards things went better after the Gymnasium contact. I decided to go back to the gym. Despite the poor performance of a reception staff. The gym is in good condition and has friendly and very helpful staff. That way I change my rating.

Pedro Henriques 1 year ago

Always innovating with another spectacular class to start the day right: Power Express. Congratulations.

Sara Bruins 1 year ago

Good gym! Lots of choice of machines and varied classes. Large and clean space.

Bruno Simões 1 year ago


Edu Silva 1 year ago

Excellent space , excellent reception and great approach by the employees

Paulo Franco 2 years ago

Friendliness, ample space, good showers Matrix machines and good environment Not even a price

ZÉLIA Pais 2 years ago

Janaína Rodrigues 2 years ago

In my humble opinion and one of the best gym I have been to! Congratulations to the whole team

Teofilo Navarro 2 years ago

Very good I recommend it

Nelson Gregório 2 years ago

Gym lots of space. Very spacious cardio room!

Sandy Teixeira 2 years ago

Gym with good atmosphere, good space and classes with good dynamics and duration. I really like to go

Vanderlei Martinez junior 2 years ago

The best gym in Portimão, worth checking out

Debora Estanislau 2 years ago

Excellent space for training and socializing. I recommend the experience to everyone.

Mayara Petrucci 2 years ago

Cheerful atmosphere, friendly people. Best Gym.

Douglas Almeida 2 years ago

So far, so good!! Let see how it goes!! Just starting

Jorge Manuel Vicente Marrachinho 2 years ago

The best experience I've ever had. Both in space and the staff. Fantastic

Sheila Araujo de Brito 2 years ago

Super recommend

Fernando Ramos 2 years ago

Simply the best

Matt I 2 years ago

Awesome and friendly staff. Great equipment. Gym is really clean and well maintained. Best in the Algarve when I compare to the others. They gave me also a nice discount for monthly membership. Also there are machines for temperature checks at the entrance to prevent entry from persons who are covid positive. 5 star gym! Go for it!

Renata Coelho 2 years ago

Always very good!

Teresa Honorio 2 years ago

Lots of friendliness and professionalism. Safety and hygiene measures accordingly. I recommend

Paulo Anastácio 2 years ago

Excellent excellent PT space. Excellent teamwork and mutual help. Varied complete equipment and excellent quality

Filomena Henrique 2 years ago

Gastei do espaço já mais arjado , e gostei muito da funcionária que me atendeu, muito bem explicado não fiquei com dúvidas ????????????????

Carla Cabrita 2 years ago

I'm a student in almost every class and I just LOVE it! The instructors are all very approachable and friendly and are very supportive of us! 5 ?

Ivo Perpétuo 2 years ago

Very nice, modern, well equipped and welcoming space. Super friendly, professional and helpful staff. Great prices. It is recommended.

Lio Casanova 3 years ago

Super nice atmosphere, top staff, within the current conjecture very good accessibility. As a professional in the field, I recommend

Vieira Nelson 3 years ago

From crazy

Hélio Wave 3 years ago

Best Gym in the city and surroundings, I strongly recommend.

Hugo Leonardo 3 years ago


Cristina Capela 3 years ago


Maytreia Marina Pinto Vega 3 years ago

Prepared and super excited team. 5 star facilities.

Simão Oliveira 3 years ago

Super friendly and helpful staff. Excellent space with top equipment.

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