Informações sobre o Crossfit Montijo

R. Ciprestes 99
2870-450, Montijo
+351 939 126 802

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:10 – 22:00
  • terça-feira: 07:10 – 22:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:10 – 22:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:10 – 22:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:10 – 22:00
  • sábado: 09:10 – 13:00
  • domingo: Fechado


Crossfit Montijo ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

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Crossfit Montijo: Opiniões

Make Nails Adriana candida 1 year ago

I adore

Lucas Pereira Caixeta 1 year ago

I've been training for 4 months and I hope to continue for a long time, it has made a difference, I feel in a good mood and challenged every day. Every day I improve by 1% and little by little I'm reaching my goals. I started from scratch, without even having gone to the gym before... but I was welcomed. Crossfit is not just for professionals but for all those who want to get out of idleness and monotony :)

Bruno Catita 1 year ago

Best box in Portugal

Raquel Branco 1 year ago

The best box in the country and surroundings led by coaches of excellence! Workouts that leave no one behind, varied and very well oriented.

Carlos Velasco 1 year ago

Excellent technical staff, fabulous atmosphere! Coaches and athletes welcome new athletes with open arms and support their evolution. They are a big family, which makes them proud to belong!

TugaSox Sportswear 1 year ago

Very pleasant space, equipped with everything you need to be fit and healthy! Dedicated and friendly staff. We recommend!

NPhilippe Pedro 1 year ago

Good sports community..good schedule flexibility

Carlos Gregório 2 years ago

excellent space

Maria Antónia rodrigues Pereira 2 years ago


Luis Nuno 2 years ago

Training that hurts but the soul is refreshed!!!

Júlio Saragoça 2 years ago

The best Box in the Country!!!

Aline Lacerda Degani 2 years ago

It seems to be very good, but the values ??are very expensive!

Luis Alberto Cozeto 2 years ago

A large gym, with all safety and hygiene standards.

Joao Neves 2 years ago

Top 10 stars

Luís Coelho da Silva 3 years ago

I don't practice CrossFit but both my wife and 6 year old daughter go to Box. The CrossFit Kids program is absolutely brilliant thanks to the dedication of the instructors and the fantastic space.

Mario Esteves 4 years ago

For this type of sport the best of the south.

belchior santos 4 years ago

Large large family home

João Pereira 4 years ago

Top. Strict coaches. Good adaptation of the exercises that allow a sharp progression curve, but being at the student's discretion as far as it goes. In two months I managed to stop being tidy in the first five minutes of warm-up so I could do all the training and still increase the loads used. The workouts are different every day, which raises the motivation to reduce the monotonous repetition and allows to make a greater number of weekly classes, since different muscle groups are worked, leaving larger time intervals to recover.

Eduardo Pestana 4 years ago

Big family!

Joana Vitório 4 years ago

Spectacular gym with very motivating coaches.

Bernardo Rodrigues 4 years ago

Top box

Hélio Santos 5 years ago

Best box in the world and surroundings, family spirit always present. It doesn't even cost to get up early to go to train. Coaches are very attentive and always willing to help and correct our mistakes. The motto of the box is undoubtedly the motto to follow "You only lose when you give up"


Excellent place, cozy and dedicated teachers.

janfai mendes 5 years ago


Raquel Candeias 5 years ago

Simply the best Crossfit box in the world !!! A true family ?

Gonçalo Beirão 5 years ago

Box with a spectacular family atmosphere from day one.

Paulo Delgado 6 years ago

A Box where the professionalism and friendliness of all staff makes us want to go back, progress and always do better.

Priscila Justino 6 years ago

Training at the Montijo crossfit is training as a family :) It is a box where they share affection, motivation and professionalism.

João Silva 6 years ago

My second home, the best space to train on the south bank. The best team ... The best environment ... The best space! and the best equipment.

Paulo assunção 6 years ago

The best box in the world

Luís Vilhena 6 years ago

A fantastic space, with the best equipment and an outstanding technical team. More than a space to exercise the body. We find a family that welcomes us with open arms.

Carlos Oliveira 6 years ago

More than a box .. a family .. "Only You lose when you give up."

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