Informações sobre o Liberty Fitness Center

4710-251, Braga
+351 253 682 202

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • sábado: 09:00 – 19:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 13:00

Duração: 45 minutos. Tipo de exercício: pesos; treino de resistência. Intensidade: moderada/alta. Gasto calórico: até 600 calorias por aula. BENEFÍCIOS DESTA AULA

Queima calorias e gordura. Aumenta a força e resistência muscular. Tonifica os músculos. Melhora a densidade óssea e condição física geral.

Duração: 45 minutos. Tipo de exercício: cardio inspirado em artes marciais. Intensidade: alta. Gasto calórico: mais de 545 calorias/aula. BENEFÍCIOS DESTA AULA

Melhora a função cardio-respiratória e reduz o risco de doença cardiovascular. Tonifica e dá forma aos grupos musculares específicos. Queima calorias para um corpo mais elegante. Melhora a coordenação e a agilidade. Melhora a saúde e a densidade óssea. Melhora a postura, a força e estabilidade a nível do core. Aumenta a auto-confiança.

Duração: 50 minutos. Tipo de exercício: treino muito intenso de cariz muscular e cardiovascular. Intensidade: muito alta. Gasto calórico: mais de 900 calorias/aula.

Aumenta a resistência muscular e cardiovascular. Desenvolve a potência, velocidade e precisão. Melhora a coordenação, agilidade e equilíbrio. Fortalece e aumenta a flexibilidade.

Duração: 45 minutos. Tipo de exercício: trabalho cárdio com base no ciclismo. Intensidade: moderada a alta. Gasto calórico: mais de 600 calorias/aula.

Aumenta o VO2 máximo. Desenvolve a resistência dos aparelhos circulatório e respiratório. Fortalece os músculos dos membros inferiores, glúteos e abdominais. Tonifica as pernas, coxas e glúteos. Queima calorias e gordura.

Duração: 45 minutos. Tipo de exercício: cardio-respiratório inspirado em treino desportivo. Intensidade: alta. Gasto calórico: mais de 545 calorias/aula. BENEFÍCIOS DESTA AULA

Queima muitas calorias, proporcionando um corpo mais magro. Tonifica e dá forma ao corpo. Aumenta o condicionamento físico e a resistência geral para desportos de alta intensidade como o futebol ou o ténis. Melhora a coordenação e a agilidade. Fortifica o core através de trabalho localizado. Melhora a densidade e saúde óssea. Aumenta a capacidade cardiovascular através de um treino completo e intenso.

Duração: 45 minutos. Tipo de exercício:  trabalho cárdio com utilização de um trampolim. Intensidade: moderada a alta. Gasto calórico: mais de 700 calorias/aula.

Aumenta a força muscular das pernas e estabilizadores (abdominais e lombares). Melhora a condição cardiovascular e a resistência geral. Melhora as habilidades motoras. Aumenta o equilíbrio corporal, trabalhando a cinestesia.


Liberty Fitness Center ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Liberty Fitness Center: Opiniões

stefany maria da silva 1 year ago

Clean, organized and safe. I recommend the Park.

Volney Araujo Santos 1 year ago

Great place!

Giselle Costa 1 year ago

I love the place. I love teachers. More than I recommend. And there's cross training.

Glória Pires 1 year ago

Airy, pleasant place with friendly people and good professionals.

ANDRE PEIXOTO 1 year ago

I've been going in the morning for a few months now. Good people, very helpful, friendliness and professionalism. There is no parking included in the monthly fee but it has a protocol with the building's parking lot. It is a low cost gym with high cost/benefit.

Bárbara Lima 1 year ago

I really like the atmosphere of the academy and the teachers. But the weight room only has a Smith and a leg press. They could remove some mats to accommodate at least one more Smith and one more legpress. It would make training a lot easier, especially when the gym is full

Leonardo Motta 1 year ago

Very good! VERY GOOD!

sergio morais 1 year ago

Beautiful, luxurious, comfortable, friendly.

Cardante Pedro 1 year ago

Always impeccable spaces and very competent and friendly staff! Several options of modalities and group classes! Located in the center of Braga with direct access to the car park! Great views over Avenida da Liberdade!

Lucas Oliveira 1 year ago

Excellent service and modern exercise equipment.

tita gonçalves 1 year ago

Fantastic gym

Jadson Soares 1 year ago

Very good structure

Iraci Ribeiro dos santos de Jesus 1 year ago

For me the best gym, even though I'm one of the customers who pays and never goes lol, but when I go I take more customers lol.

Rodrigo Gonçalves 1 year ago

Very good atmosphere among colleagues and with the monitors! I strongly recommend it!

Apaixonado por Carros!! Servio Tulio 2 years ago

Sensational space with modern facilities and well located

vRobert Tate 2 years ago

Great place and safe

maria auxiliadora Vial 2 years ago

I don't particularly go to gyms anymore, but my kids do! And they like this establishment very much!

Juliana Fernandes 2 years ago

It has a wonderful atmosphere ... full of natural light. Love..

Engenheiro Carlos Pereira 2 years ago

Spectacular and with a super differentiated service, I didn't think twice and soon I decided to change the gym and come to be part of this family, the Liberty family.

Jorge Félix 2 years ago

A very good gym ... Everyone is attentive, excellent personal trainers, as well as the instructors. The best machines too. The only criticism would be the showers, but I know they are dealing with that at the moment, so here's the 5-star review ...

Mikel Manmarm 2 years ago

Very friendly and attentive monitors! Very complete machinery

Yelitza Gomes 2 years ago

Excellent gym. Friendly staff, good infrastructure. Worth it. Let's train!!!

Surendra Khanal 2 years ago

Awesome place .friendly, helpful and kindhearted people.i am happy to join in this place.

Hugo Guimarães Santos 2 years ago

A modern but "familiar" gym with excellent professionals. I recommend

Isabel Magalhaes 2 years ago

Muito bom

Cibely Borges 2 years ago

Impeccable service, cleanliness, friendliness of the entire team and fair price.

Raquel Manuel Borja Manuel 2 years ago

Ginásio muito bom

MARCUS VINICIUS Muniz 3 years ago

Excellent equipment, competent team of staff, everything show ball !!!!!!!!!!! +

Pedro Pinto 3 years ago

Staff is really nice and helpful, gym condition is great and extremely clean. The bar has great quality products with accessible prices. Very satisfied with the experience overall

Hugo Sousa 3 years ago

Gym with a good range of machines and classes for all types of training, more crowded between 17 and 19 hours! Good professionals

Paulo Sena 3 years ago

Wide, airy and well-equipped installation

Marcelo Peixoto Del Peloso 3 years ago

Very nice and beautiful place and great location. Top academy

LP Norte 3 years ago

The best gyms I've ever attended. Staff excellent.

Maria Belchior 3 years ago

The best gym in Braga! Excellent instructors, perfect service.

Matheus Ruas 3 years ago


Eduardo Ribeiro (Ed) 4 years ago

In my opinion the best gisásio in Braga. The musc. is well equipped and in the morning there is no 'dispute' with the machines. Well trained staff and the vast majority are always willing to help. I rarely use classrooms and participate in group classes, but I always hear positive stories.

Luis Manuel Alcobia 4 years ago

Good space, with plenty of machines and nice staf. The price is reasonable.

Gustavo 4 years ago

Gym very well located. Great structure for bodybuilding.

Francisco Soares 4 years ago

Gym complete with various classes good environment and one of the best locations in Braga, right in the middle of the main avenue, always accessible with new promotions and excellent facilities

Thiago Coutinho 5 years ago

Excellent gym. Unbeatable cost-benefit ratio. The weight room is very good, with several treadmills, bicycles (vertical and horizontal), rowing machines and elliptical machines. Weight machines are, in general, new and of excellent quality. There are several aerobic activity rooms with a wide range of classes every day (Sunday to Sunday).

Carlos Jorge Gomes Araujo 5 years ago

The best the most beautiful summing up my gym is top.

Gil Ribeiro 5 years ago

Medium-sized gym. Nevertheless, you probably have the best offer of group classes (in quality and diversity) and absolutely top trainers !!! I HIGHLY recommend it !!!

Beatriz Azevedo 5 years ago

I love this gym the people who work there are very friendly, the space is relaxed, and peaceful. <3

Tatiana Duarte Ribeiro 5 years ago

I loved the initiative that made the mega power jump class. Top gym

Carlos Guerreiro 5 years ago

Excellent Gym! New facilities, great equipment and great people! I recommend!

Vasco Cortez 6 years ago

Very good facilities. Very friendly staff and very flexible schedule. Great diversity of group classes.

Ermelinda Miranda 6 years ago


Jessica C. Sánchez J. 6 years ago

Gym A1, the facilities are impeccable, they have different machines, they offer different classes during the day, they have specialized trainers, they offer WiFi to their clients, they have a cafeteria, the bathrooms have showers, they offer towel service. I recommend it.

Carla Sampayo 6 years ago

Very good.

Saar Grin 6 years ago

Excellent facilities. 10eu day pass.

António Manuel maciel lopes 6 years ago

It has everything you need in a gym, the attentive staff, great diversity of group classes is the location is 6 stars.

António Miranda 7 years ago

Good place to train. Friendly staff available to serve the customer.

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