Informações sobre o Circuito De Manutenção

R. Joaquim Colaço Cardoso
2080-147, Almeirim

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: Atendimento 24 horas
  • terça-feira: Atendimento 24 horas
  • quarta-feira: Atendimento 24 horas
  • quinta-feira: Atendimento 24 horas
  • sexta-feira: Atendimento 24 horas
  • sábado: Atendimento 24 horas
  • domingo: Atendimento 24 horas


Circuito De Manutenção ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Circuito De Manutenção: Opiniões

Manuel Martins 5 months ago

This is where I train every day of the year.Verdant nature, pure and fresh air, birds singing, etc. I love the countryside and this place in particular.Evora.

Joao Manuel Coelho 1 year ago

cozy space With properly marked circuit, marked stations. Ideal for trying to keep fit. Day or night Optimal lighting until 23.00, then reduces to essentials. Too bad, not having a shelter in case of bad weather, like sudden thunderstorm.

Joao Manuel 1 year ago

To maintain your physical activity. Outsiders love the space and regret not having it. Locals should use more. Careful, maintained and reforested space. Optimal lighting can be used at night, safe.

Drumdidawn Andrade 1 year ago

Very good.

Joaquim Sousa 1 year ago


Ana Mira 1 year ago

Whenever I can, I go for a walk, I really like it because it's a quiet area, with lots of fresh air.

Daniela Ferreira 2 years ago

Excellent green space for physical exercise. Always clean. Currently due to Pandemic, it is open, but restricts physical activity only to groups of up to 2 cohabiting people. Exercise stations currently banned for use.

pantera negra 3 years ago

Very good for a walk

Emperatriz Bruetting 3 years ago

Great place to work out

cristiano costa 3 years ago

Very good place for practicing sports, with several exercises along the way. Always clean and beware with night lighting and drinking water.

Ana Paula Gonçalves 3 years ago

Fresh air. Ideal for hiking.

Guia Local 4 years ago

Almeirim's maintenance circuit is an ideal place for sports practice with several free exercise equipment ideal for walking or jogging venue almost entirely with eucalyptus shade and with night lighting and a water fountain with nearby parking,

Diogo Duarte 4 years ago

Beautiful sports park. Quiet and with drinking water.

Carlos Xavier 4 years ago

Gradable space for the practice of sport.

Nuno Gomes 5 years ago

Very nice area to play sports

Still Remained 5 years ago

Not all cities have a space dedicated to sports where it is free, with various circuits and various posts where they have recommended exercises.

Miguel ALMEIDA 5 years ago

Always arranged and taken care of!

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