Informações sobre o Ginásio Holmes Place

R. Amélia de Sousa Luz 91 - Lote 15
4400-699, Vila Nova de Gaia
+351 22 040 7200

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 15:00
  • sábado: Fechado
  • domingo: 09:00 – 18:00

O Clube de Vila Nova de Gaia oferece-lhe serviços premium de fitness, nutrição, spa e outros serviços para uma vida equilibrada, saudável e agradável.

No clube Vila Nova de Gaia encontrará 4000m2 de instalações com a tecnologia mais avançada, uma ampla sala de fitness, duas piscinas repletas de luz natural, um Spa completo, 3 salas para aulas de grupo e muito mais. Aqui descobrirá um estilo de vida novo e saudável para toda a família.

Oferecemos-lhe um conjunto completo de serviços para uma vida equilibrada, saudável e agradável. Aqui os valores da nossa marca tornam-se reais: Equilíbrio, Apoio, Inclusão e Progresso. Tem à sua espera tudo o que precisa para uma vida mais saudável.

A nossa equipa foi cuidadosamente escolhida pela sua capacidade de motivação e inspiração pessoal, dos seus colegas e principalmente dos nossos sócios. � a sua personalidade e entusiasmo que guiam a visão do Holmes Place e que marcam a diferença.


Ginásio Holmes Place ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Serviços, Máquinas e Aulas Dirigidas


Ginásio Holmes Place: Opiniões

Mario Pinto 1 year ago


Anna Alves 1 year ago

Great environment, well equipped.

Paulo Lourenço 1 year ago


Miguel Novo 1 year ago


Diego Martinez Lora 1 year ago

Very good gym. Good atmosphere. Good staff. There is no reason not to be in good shape. Appropriate parking. Gymnastics, swimming, physical therapy and they schedule various activities in the different exercise modalities to encourage people to be more physically active and with good disposition.

Marta Silva 1 year ago

Excellent service, teachers and space!

Augusta Silva 1 year ago

Quiet place, with a good atmosphere, very varied and functional equipment. In addition to being an excellent gym, it has other features: heated pools; free parking, sheltered from the weather, car washing; Hairdresser services, balanced meals service. It is comfortable and practical, as it allows you to monetize your time.

David Contreras 1 year ago

Holmes place

Lau Eugen 1 year ago

Awesome place for shopping and feel the Christmas spirit ?

Eduardo Lemos 1 year ago

Great apartment and very well equipped.

jeffers nkozak 1 year ago

Awesome place, great equipments and staff

Carlos Fernandes 1 year ago

Excellent place, in addition to being a gym for exercise, it is also an excellent SPA, clean and always organized. My family and I recommend it.

Christiane Do Couto 1 year ago

Stadium with excellent facilities.

miguel faria 1 year ago

Excellent gym

Marlin Lisseth Cova Gonzalez 1 year ago

It was the best investment for me and my family in terms of a sports center.

Despertar Quântico 1 year ago

Good service, friendly staff

Joao Ricardo Sousa 1 year ago

Excellent facilities and great professionals with high knowledge of exercise and friendliness.

Artur Paiva 1 year ago

Fantastic gym, with very attentive professionals.

Claudia Barata 1 year ago

Thank you for everything, Nuno's support was excellent, I loved meeting Verónica, in short, a sympathy, I felt like a member of Holmes place since forever and it's not true, they were very professional and dedicated. See you next time.

Igor Rodrigues 1 year ago

Boa experiência, mas pouco acessível economicamente

Jéssica Schneider 1 year ago

No geral é um bom ginásio com bons equipamentos. Mas, para mim, faz falta a aula de airfit que há nos outros clubes HP. O atendimento poderia ser mais simpático também.

Rui Peres 1 year ago

I hereby apologize for the negative review and the written complaint, as it was a big misunderstanding, without a doubt the best spa gym I've attended to date, amazing staff, everything at the highest level Done

Cesario Soares 1 year ago

With quality but without competition... to the detriment of the partners!

[ ] 1 year ago

people don't understand this is a spa with a gym for me the staff is great but I go here just for the spa alone rival's many 5 star hotels for me it is worth every penny

Maria Alves 1 year ago

Good gym. Good facilities. Pleasant environment. The Virgin Active gym became Holmes Place. So there is no confusion, the site is the same, only the name was changed.

José Silva 2 years ago

I loved the space, especially the attention and help of all employees .. 5 stars.

K M A Samad 2 years ago

Nice place for a beautiful workout session. They have their individual structure. That's an advantage.??????

Dora Gonçalves 2 years ago

The best fitness space!

Ptter Venturin 2 years ago

Gym very well structured and with great team. The spa is spectacular.

Jose Rocha 2 years ago

It is the best with all conditions and a 7-star staff

Maria Gabriela Mesquita 2 years ago

The place where you want to be .

Márcia Coelho 2 years ago

To train with quality and safety

José Figueiredo 2 years ago

Space of the best there is with magnificent facilities served by excellent professionals.

Fernanda Faria 2 years ago

For me the best gym ever, it's a shame I don't have the willpower to go every day. I love everything space and technical staff

Ivanildo Silva 2 years ago

Very good, 5 star service

Rui Borges 2 years ago

The best gym in Porto

André Oliveira 2 years ago

It will probably be the most complete gym in the north. It has, sauna, Turkish bath, swimming pool with hydromassage, therapeutic showers. It also has two swimming pools, one for adults and one for children. On the upper floor we can also find 4 group classrooms. The machinery area is well designed so that it doesn't feel completely full. The staff are friendly and always available for any help/enlightenment. It also has a 3-storey underground car park. Outside there is also a parking lot, but very small.

Bruno Fernandes 3 years ago

I'm almost three years old now. Good clean space, professional people and good friendliness.

Santos Pontes 3 years ago


Suzy Darlen Dutra de Vasconcelos 3 years ago

I love this Gym! Great facilities and professional service!

Luís Filipe santos 3 years ago


Alexandre Saraiva 3 years ago

Top top location very good atmosphere Beautiful service changing rooms wonderful Spa very cool Congratulations to the whole team

Manuel Mesquita 4 years ago

Great gym, great facilities good parking lot

The Pinewood Villa 4 years ago

Great gym

Armando Rocha 4 years ago


Jean Felipe Fonseca de Oliveira 4 years ago

Excellent gym! Great customer service

Ellen Americo 4 years ago

Best gym I've ever been to. Very top indeed

Paulo Jorge Carmo 4 years ago

The best of the best, fantastic place to practice sports, Staff very professional and friendly, I recommend.

Cristina Nicola Barros 4 years ago

Impossible not to go. Good classes, good fellowship, good professionals. The best of the best.

Paulo Bastos 4 years ago

Very good conditions for practice There is a restaurant with very good service and good food With entertaining dishes

Giuliano Ribeiro 6 years ago

Exemplary structure gym. Great classes, great equipment and good teachers. Large park with car wash service. Extensive facilities. I highly recommend it!

Vasco Gomes 6 years ago

I've been to several gyms and this one was undoubtedly the best. Airy, modern space. Giant changing rooms, beautiful spa area. Lots of machines for everyone, there are never run-ins even at the busiest hours.

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