Informações sobre o Phive Lágrimas Health Club

3040-387, Coimbra
+351 239 098 225

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:30 – 22:00
  • terça-feira: 07:30 – 22:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:30 – 22:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:30 – 22:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:30 – 22:00
  • sábado: 09:00 – 20:00
  • domingo: 10:00 – 14:00


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Phive Lágrimas Health Club: Opiniões

Luis Neves 1 year ago

gym excellence

Pedro Carnoto 1 year ago

TOP... good facilities, very professional staff, private parking, I recommend...

Carlos Moreira 1 year ago

The best Health & Fitness Club in Portugal

Helena Resende 1 year ago

Makes me want to go back every day...

jose merino 1 year ago


Manuel Gaspar 1 year ago

Very good, good professionals

Adriana Carolina 1 year ago

It's a great gym. The atmosphere is very familiar, all the employees and coaches are attentive, kind. Swimming lessons for kids are really fun and they learn while having fun and doing physical activity. The facilities comply with all the hygiene and safety necessary for the practice of the disciplines they offer and I really like the place.

Heráclito Guimarães 1 year ago

Very attentive receptionists, facilities at the level of the best available in the world.

antonio amarante 1 year ago

very good.

Renato Loureiro 1 year ago

Professionalism and friendliness, top quality location.

José Vinhas 2 years ago

Um Óptimo Ginásio...????????????????????????????????????

Paula Freitas 2 years ago

Excellent service, conditions, security!

Luis Miguel Ribas 2 years ago

Great location and good atmosphere

Gloria Missa 2 years ago


Nuno miguel Teixeira Martinho 2 years ago

I recommend the professional and friendly personal gym

Carmen Vieira 2 years ago

The gym is sensational! Note thousand! From the first contact. Impeccable facilities, impeccable hygiene, cordiality and extreme friendliness from all employees. My daughter and I are very satisfied. I recommend! In particular to the commercial Carlos, who spared no words and energy to introduce us to the gym with the greatest sympathy, good humor and willingness, even outside his working hours.

Ana Guadalupe Moura Relvas 2 years ago

I've been going to this fitness club since it opened, 15 years ago (?). I chose it for its excellent professionals and good facilities. The search for an increasing quality of the services it provides is constant. Prices are in line with those in the sector.

Jeannett Carolina Soares Sanchez 3 years ago


Jorge Tomaz 3 years ago

An excellent environment, made by very competent professionals and with an unsurpassed availability and friendliness. Congratulations

Carla Marques 3 years ago

The pool is spectacular, the sky is nowhere to be seen while nothing

Isabel Aguiar 3 years ago

Good gym, a spectacular pool, the only one in Coimbra where you can bike on the water, very friendly people

AutoPicapau - Performance automóvel 3 years ago

Great conditions good atmosphere and excellent professionals .....

Maria Angelina Filipe Lourenço 4 years ago

Great professionals and good facilities!

Joana a Terapeuta 4 years ago

Modern space, with friendly people and committed to providing the best experience possible. Attentive and excited.

Luís Angeja 4 years ago

Excellent at all levels.

João Fonseca Martins 4 years ago

Excellent gym !!! Service and staff 5?

Hugo Neves 4 years ago

Friendliness and professionalism of all staff.

Clara Santos 4 years ago

My gym of choice. Family.

Teresa lopes 4 years ago

Swimming pool with good conditions, variety of classes. They should have more time

Zita Ferreira Lopes 4 years ago

Despite not attending at the moment, I just want to say that it was the best "gymnasium" I've ever attended (I'll be back as soon as possible) great atmosphere; good facilities; excellent professionals; widespread sympathy

Pedro Magalhães 4 years ago

Excellent team, great space and an exceptional environment. I'm a regular, long-time customer and extremely satisfied. Thanks!

Mónica Brás 4 years ago

Fantastic gym and spa. Great facilities and service.

Tiago Duarte 4 years ago

Swimming pool, jacuzzi, Turkish bath and sauna, several group lessons and complete machine room. Spas with all the hygiene and individual locker without cost ...

rita Esteves Esteves 4 years ago


Karina da costa 5 years ago

Excellent facilities and instructors.

Cristina Cruz 5 years ago

Client since the beginning, I can't imagine my routine without the Phive family at this moment. Professionalism, friendliness, welcome, without a doubt, a national reference place in the FIT world.

Gisele Costa Margatho 5 years ago

Very good

Alvaro Ferreira 5 years ago

Already was better. However it remains top!

Ana Rita Figueiredo 5 years ago

Speechless! Excellent classes, swimming teachers, pool and service.

Paola Gouveia 5 years ago

Excellent structure, with good professionals and several classes

Mendes Silva 5 years ago

Excellent atmosphere, space very well equipped with reference professionals. I recommend

Suzana Duarte 5 years ago

Friendly, welcoming and available staff. Pleasant space, large pool.

Francesco Navarrini 5 years ago

Relaxing atmosphere, all you need in terms of gym for staying fit. Music is rock, some of the time, which is a great change from discogym. and in some classes even not too loud. Personnel is helpful. Have no complaints at all.

Tiago Flórido 5 years ago

Physical and mental health

Bernardo Costa 5 years ago


Francisca Pessoa 5 years ago

Very good

Débora Andrade 6 years ago

Excellent gym !! It has everything we need and people always available to help !!

Hugo Abade 6 years ago

Good gym and pleasant interaction

Juliana Oliveira 6 years ago

Excellent gym in Coimbra, with very friendly and professional staff

Diogo Travassos 6 years ago

An amazing gym with excellent PTS

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