Informações sobre o Be-Fit Setúbal

2900-720, Setúbal
+351 265 572 293

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 06:30 – 23:00
  • terça-feira: 06:30 – 23:00
  • quarta-feira: 06:30 – 23:00
  • quinta-feira: 06:30 – 23:00
  • sexta-feira: 06:30 – 23:00
  • sábado: 09:00 – 20:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 18:00

Be-Fit, os melhores ginásios ao melhor preço. Oferta Inscrição, Livre Trânsito. Musculação, peso livre, aulas de grupo, TRX, Xtreme, yoga, localizada, Body Balance, Body Pump, Jump, Planos de Treino, Nutrição...

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Be-Fit Setúbal: Opiniões

Paula Lobo 1 year ago

Nice place, lots of equipment options

Flavio Unger 1 year ago

Lisbon does not have gyms of this quality. And it's even cheaper than the low cost ones here!

Ricardo Costa 1 year ago

Large gym with good conditions and without doubtful lines like the rest of Setúbal

J. Pereira Construção Civil 1 year ago

New equipment. Variety of machines. Excellent service. Ample parking. Variety of group lessons.

Paulo Mendes 1 year ago

Large gym with many and varied machines.

Marcos Humberto 1 year ago

Great service, organized and clean environment. Standard service, place for disciplined and goal-oriented people.

Edna Costa 1 year ago

Absolutely Top Friendliness of the Staff.

Fausto Simões 1 year ago

Luís Carvalho 1 year ago

Very well equipped and very pleasant space to practice that hour of daily sports

João Novais 1 year ago

Spacious and well equipped gym.

Fátima Sacramento 1 year ago

I go there every day, lots of equipment, 5* cleaning, everyone's friendliness and personal trainer support, good parking, I recommend

Nuno Gomes 1 year ago

Large space with plenty of equipment, which allows you to do the exercises without waiting. I recommend!

Fernando Grácio 1 year ago

Quiet and safe gym. Thank you BE-FlT Setúbal

João Castro 1 year ago

Nice place to workout.

Gabriela Ferreira 1 year ago

A lot of diversity of devices, 5* PTs, classes all day at any time.

Aleksandra ?wirska 1 year ago

Very spacious gym, well equipped. It has room for weight lifting, cardio exercises and stretching. What is more, is has long opening hours, even on Sunday. That's a big plus, since the majority closes at 1p.m. in Setúbal.

Jaime Quina 1 year ago

Very wide space. Very helpful trainers. Clean and disinfected changing rooms. I would only recommend more demanding to small groups of young people who neglect to disinfect the machines after use in accordance with the rules of the gym.

Virgilio Ximenes 1 year ago

Nice gym, a lot of equipments and machines. The personal trainer was helpful. There are two vending machines at the entrance, one of them is a coffee machine and the other is snack one.

Narcindo Silva 1 year ago

In the Alegro shopping center at the bottom there is a large space to put the machines many more things.

Cristina Severino 2 years ago

Excellent gym, very good instructors, many different machines, many online classes, good schedule!


Excellent training conditions...huge space... .

Portugal estética Lisboa 2 years ago

This gym is spectacular, very polite staff, super clean place show best gym I have ever done weight training...

Vitor Silva 2 years ago

The Be-Fit Setúbal I consider to be the best gym on the south bank. Hygiene security in the gym according to the covid-19 standards, excellent staff and best of all, practice of the various modalities in a family environment.

Kringer Bello 2 years ago

Very nice

Nuno Ricardo 2 years ago

The best

Mário Van César 2 years ago

Good environment, safe and always attentive professionals not to mention the Box which is fantastic.

Griza Paulo Roberto 3 years ago

TOP> Quality, service, environment and equipment.

Marc Wertsch 3 years ago

Very well equipped for fitness and strength training. Everything was very clear and clean. Staff is friendly and helpful! 5 euros for a day ticket! Will definitely come back on vacation!

Rodrigo Fernandes 3 years ago

Really clean and has alot of room for activites

Sandra Marques 3 years ago

Many machines available. Various styles of group classes. There are always instructors available to help. A lot of hygiene throughout the facility.

João Lima 3 years ago


Andreia Teixeira 3 years ago

Ample space (gym, changing rooms and parking) with lots of machines. The service at the reception was super friendly and available, as I just tried it and I didn't lack anything I needed (information, access to the juice machine).

Bety Sequeira 3 years ago

The organization of the space, with a view to reopening with security measures due to Covid-19. Excellent space and respective organization and division of training areas, taking into account the various training modalities. The diversity of group classes, the amount of equipment available, the possibility of outdoor training and its space, original and very well achieved. The receptionists very friendly and welcoming. Good monitoring by staff and nutrition. Everything at an excellent value. Having the basis of comparison with other gyms far more expensive, which this one surpasses in many levels. Note: only one area for a possible SPA is missing.

Augusto Jesus 4 years ago

As well as excellent professionals, they are also good listeners and help us overcome certain difficulties. Congratulations!

Mengyi Li 4 years ago

Too much peoples very good

Monica Guerreiro 4 years ago

It's a very big gym but very well used. Extremely friendly staff and very concerned with our well being. The follow-up is very good. The classrooms are large and clean. The changing rooms are clean and the water is warm. Lots of variety of classes with good professionals. Every month you are entitled to a nutrition consultation and also the training plan, which can always be rectified at any time. They are correct in collecting the monthly fee and sending the invoice. Quality vs price I can consider that it is good. Advice.

Sandra Silva 5 years ago

Gym with varied offer in group classes. Well-equipped weight room. Little follow-up. Spacious and with natural light.

João Bragança 5 years ago

I really can´t say enough good things of BeFit. For one, it is a huge brand-new gym, with new equipment, cycles and stationary joggers, plus four large exercise class rooms. The hours are excellent, from 6:30 to 23:00 on weekdays. Second, eventhough the parking lots gets full, the space is big enough for you to workout without having to wait for machine. I had tried this at peak hours and I still get the machine time. The best $19 euro per month that I spend. The photo is from Sunday morning at 9:00am, I had the place to myself!

Marina Lucena 5 years ago

I am a partner since the beginning, I don’t say n.socio but it´s in the 200 and I was one of the first .. right there you can see the adhesion to the excellent space

maria fatima 5 years ago

Very good location, good parking, great gym area, very tidy. Great team and excellent coaches. In Setubal without a doubt!

bruno periquito 5 years ago

Excellent gym with plenty of conditions both in terms of services and qualified's and classes for all tastes. The value is exceptional considering the full range of services that can be enjoyed.

Simone Bellucci 5 years ago

The best

Carlos de Sousa 5 years ago

Good facilities, friendly instructors, efficient and also very friendly reception staff. Good space to keep in shape.

Fátima Sequeira 5 years ago

The best gym where I trained! Good condition and all the staff is extremely professional and friendly 5?

Mafalda Martins 5 years ago

Great gym, awesome utilities and people

Luis Marques 5 years ago

Great place to take care of your body. Almost every day I am there with my son. I can't go a day without this space.

Rita Sequeira 6 years ago

Excellent facilities, very friendly staff and always available to help. The monthly fee is very affordable.

Anabela Rodrigues 6 years ago

Attentive instructors and PTs, diverse classes, well-defined and limited specific training spaces, outdoor and indoor Fit box.

MIKE TYSON 6 years ago

Gymnasium has everything to be a success in the city of Setúbal. Almost ready!

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