Informações sobre o Pavilhão Municipal Serra das Minas

R. Plutão 29
, Rinchoa
+351 21 917 0013

Horário de funcionamento

Pavilhão Municipal Serra das Minas ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.


Pavilhão Municipal Serra das Minas ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Pavilhão Municipal Serra das Minas: Opiniões

Gustavo Costa 9 months ago

Melhorou muitos com as últimas obras... Precisava de novos balnearios que são minúsculos...

jorgegamer gamer 11 months ago

Everything is very well organized, to take to the vaccines, and the people are very nice

Maria Silva 1 year ago

Excellent service, even though I'm an immigrant, I'm obliged to everyone for not distinguishing human beings with a score of 1000 to professionals from the guards to the exit ❤❤

Sandra Fernandes 1 year ago

Fast service, sympathy and attention from professionals and volunteers. Thank you all!

Paulo Saraiva 1 year ago

good afternoon, can you tell me what vaccine you are applying?? obr...

Adriano Yano 1 year ago

It was a unique experience 5 stars very good service ...... congratulations

Xana Dias 1 year ago

I loved it great pavilion

Elsa Toledo 1 year ago

Everything is very organized, from the administrative part to the exit of the pavilion.

Carlos Costa 1 year ago

Very well organized

Junio Moreira 1 year ago

Super calm the vaccination

Artur Almeida 1 year ago

Good service, very friendly staff and good facilities.

Symon Shrestha 1 year ago

Good. I just took the 2nd dose of the vaccine .. Thank you very much

Anhesse Mambelo 1 year ago

The process of vaccination against covid-19 is very organized. I made mine today.

Camboias Familia 1 year ago

Pole for vaccination. Everything very fast and smooth, with very helpful volunteers and friendly "staff"

maria cecilia Dinis 1 year ago

All very well organized.

Max Reginaldo 1 year ago

Very good many nice people I liked it thank you

Creminda Lourenco 1 year ago

Now Covid Vaccination Center. The Pavilion is impeccable, the nurses and everyone who works there, very professional, very attentive, excellent human beings, thank you for the good they do.

Carla Costa 1 year ago

Taking into account that I was due to the covid vaccine, I thought that everything was very well organized, which makes everything much faster ☺️

Jaime Silva 1 year ago

Very good

Rute Pessoa 1 year ago

I came to bring my son to take the vaccine against covid19, it was fast and the nursing staff were very attentive and friendly...

Francisco Calado 1 year ago

Very well received and attended to, since it was for the covid 19 vaccine. All very friendly and helpful! Thanks to everyone who attended me! Excellent organization!

Carlos Alberto Carvalho 1 year ago

I was very well attended by the health professionals and by all the people who are volunteering, the wait for the vaccine was within a normal time for people who were well organized

maria filomena alves rocha 1 year ago

Very well organized with virtually no waiting time...friendly and welcoming staff...congratulations SNS and CMS

Fernanda Martins 1 year ago

Excellent, organization and guidance. Very satisfied.

Sónia Garcia 1 year ago

very well organized

Ana Paula Carvalho 1 year ago

A 5 star location. My experience was the second dose of the astrazeneca vaccine. Very well organized service.

Alice Lopes 1 year ago

I was well attended by wonderful people, obgd

Paulo Faria 1 year ago

It is currently a covid vaccination center. Excellent team, thank you very much to volunteer Rita and to nurse Leonor, they are top

Nataliia Afonso 1 year ago

5 *****

Carla Carinhas 1 year ago

It took a long time to get the vaccine, but I was very well attended by professionals and helpers. THX

Lucilia Santos 1 year ago

Very good

Vitor Sinceridades 1 year ago

Vaccination, friendly staff.

Paulo M 1 year ago

Now as a Covid vaccination center. Congratulations you are very well organised.

Fabiana Loures Hotmart 1 year ago

I went to take the second dose of the vaccine and I believe I didn't take it. Because the nurse supposedly already had the needle inside. I didn't see her take the dose, much less felt it. Something. Since the first time it hurt a lot. And I saw the nurse take the dose....

Orlanda Faustino 1 year ago

My husband and I were very well attended. If people stick to the schedule, they don't make unnecessary lines. Everything goes well. I appreciate the kindness of all the people involved in these works. Well there is everyone.

Miguel Chaves 1 year ago

everyone was very nice

Peter Oscar 1 year ago

A magnificent municipal

Madalena Moreira 1 year ago

Very good

Albertina Oliveira 1 year ago

very well organized

Ana Mafalda Sádio 1 year ago

I took the covid vaccine today and the entire organization is to be congratulated, from the security guards at the entrance, through the staff at the desks and volunteers and ending up with the nurses... it is noteworthy that on hot days they could cool the pavilion more because the staff, especially nurses, suffer from a lot of heat.

francisco Almeida 1 year ago

It was fast, there were no lines. A wonderful service from everyone who was providing service in this vaccination unit. Good work. A hug to everyone.

Lurdes Pereira 1 year ago

Congratulations to the organization of the Covid 19 vaccine pavilion in Serra das Minas, Rio de Mouro, for the excellent service and organization, thank you.

Michele Machado 1 year ago

Fui levar a segunda dose da vacina e acredito que não tomei. Pois a enfermeira já supostamente tinha dentro da agulha. N vi ela tirar o dose, nem muito menos senti. Algo. Sendo que na primeira vez doeu muito. E vi o enfermeiro tirar a dose....

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