Informações sobre o Skills Academy

Rua do Zambeze 282
4250-505, Porto
+351 917 376 884

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 10:30 – 21:40
  • terça-feira: 10:30 – 21:40
  • quarta-feira: 10:30 – 21:40
  • quinta-feira: 10:30 – 21:40
  • sexta-feira: 10:30 – 21:40
  • sábado: 10:30 – 18:00
  • domingo: Fechado

“Foi nesta academia que ganhei a paixão pelo treino, o gosto pelo combate e algumas amizades. O rigor dos treinos e o bom ambiente não faltam com o nosso treinador. Vale a pena vir e experimentar!”


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Skills Academy: Opiniões

5/5 (50 Opiniões)
Geoffrey Kingscote 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent boxing gym in Porto. Trained on holiday - went 6 times in four days for personal training and classes. Pedro is a friendly, intelligent and skilled coach who speaks very good English. A former psychotherapist he brings an informed and nuanced approach to your training. Very friendly classes. Go if you are in Porto and want to learn boxing, get fit and have fun. Really recommended.

Dan Gibbons 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Was a real pleasure to train at the Skills Academy. It is a great facility. Large gym with lots of boxing equipment and also a great cardio and weights area. Pedro is a fantastic coach. He has deep boxing knowledge and he is very attentive to all members of the class. He creates a very inclusive atmosphere, regardless of skill level. Funny guy too! Highly recommend for boxers of all levels

Pedro Silva 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: An airy, clean place with all the necessary material for the practice: ring, various bags, weights, medicine balls... Etc. The coaches' concern is to teach, give excellent physical preparation and then, for those who wish to do so, guide them in the Amateur Boxing competition. Come visit, try a class and see for yourself. Excellent atmosphere, with men and women who want, above all, to have fun through Boxing.

Gonçalo Silva 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Of the best! From the conditions to the coach, everything was perfect! I recommend joining SKILLS!

Paulo Ribeiro 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent place to train. The atmosphere is very good and there is a great effort on the part of the academy to make each athlete better. I am a beginner in the sport and it has been an extremely positive surprise for me, mainly because of the gym. I strongly recommend it!

M Fox 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Best school I ever attended. Trainers are very good and really professional.

Steven Gaborieau 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: I definitely clearly highly recommend Skills Academy to any kind of boxers ( from beginners to masters). I went there for a short period while I was living in Porto. Pedro was such a good trainer, very welcoming and friendly. A coach able to adapt his speech and his way of explaining to your level of technique. He is impressive as well by managing multiples languages ( Spanish, English, French...). He really demonstrated during my time there, his level of passion and his ability to share it with the others. I started as a beginner and came for the first time with many fears, after a few session with the group of boxers, I was feeling already better and full of confidence. Joining Skills academy is more than boxing, it is integrating a community of people sharing good moments through boxing. You will learn that boxing is much more than a fighting sport, it is a sport that requires years of experiences and techniques and it will probably teach you a lot about yourself at the same time. I really hope I will be able to come back soon in this academy. Até à próxima

Gustavo Rangel 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: The skills academy is very good in many ways! Firstly, a sense of community, respect for other colleagues, mutual learning and sharing good times is something that is cultivated by both the participants and the trainer. Secondly, there is a great balance between physical and technical work, always balanced with a friendly and constructive dueling component, suited to the level of development of the combat partners. Thirdly, it is worth highlighting the importance given to each of the participants, with constructive observations about the weaknesses observed during training, repeated as long as necessary for their proper correction. I joined the gym 3 months ago, and following a plan of three weekly workouts, I've already achieved very satisfactory results in terms of my physical shape and my comfort in the ring. I recommend it to both beginners and experienced fighters.

Hugo Pereira 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Demanding classes, suitable for all levels and a super family atmosphere, with good mood and camaraderie. advise!

Joao Vitor Costa E Silva 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent Gym. Teachers very committed to student learning!

Tara Shubbuck 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Highly recommend! I had never boxed before going to Academia Skills. I'm just a few months in and have made a lot of progress. Group classes are co-ed and have a mix of ages and skill levels. As a new boxer, doing partner exercises with those who are better than me has helped me advance quicker. Pedro is an excellent coach, and the other boxers are friendly, patient and helpful as I learn. No two classes are the same. I'm always amazed by Pedro's endless creativity in mixing things up each time with a combination of skills training and cardio/strength. Estou a aprender português, mas Pedro fala inglês (muito bem!) quando não compreendo. Estou a aprender boxe e português juntos :)

Marina Tezak 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Pedro is such a great coach! Im Canadian and have lived in Portugal for 3 months and he was very welcoming and great with instructing. I am a beginner and he asked me right away what my experience and intentions were, so whether you are experienced and want to train to compete, or if you are new and just want to learn/workout, he knows exactly how to gear the lessons for you. He treats everyone equally and I am glad he was my first coach! Thank you Pedro!

Daniel Mata 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent gym with an even better environment. Exemplary coaches with a wonderful sense of responsibility and commitment. Good facilities , good hygiene and safety and above all good learning that we retain . Note 5.

Franklin Silva 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: I've been training with Pedro and there's a lot of commitment, dedication and follow-up! He's an excellent teacher! In addition, it has very good facilities! I recommend!

Mariana Silva 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: Only positive notes to say about Skills Academy. From the diversity and dynamism of the training, the competence and attentive monitoring of the coaches, the good training conditions that the facilities offer us... It is a space with a welcoming atmosphere, adapted to any level of experience and that challenges and motivates us to evolve with each workout. As a beginner in boxing, I recommend 100% to all those who want to start or practice this modality to do so in this gym. You will be very well received and guided.

Elaine Kim 1 year ago

Experiência fantástica: I was in Porto for a short bit but wasn't touring. Although they don't typically have one day classes, Pedro was flexible and accommodated me for a one day training. It was a nice clean gym and Pedro was a genuinely nice guy - he gave me a short brief about the gym and his beliefs in empowering female fighters. He invited me to comeback for more classes but unfortunately I couldn't attend due to schedule conflict. Wish I went earlier and squeezed in few more sessions while I was in Porto. I have few friends traveling to Porto this year and definitely recommending coach Pedro!

Kimberly Gehrmann 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: I highly recommend Skills Academy to boxers of any level that are looking to improve—beginners all the way to boxers preparing for a fight. Pedro creates a welcoming atmosphere to improve and push yourself; he speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French. His workouts are diverse and intense; they focus on technique as well as conditioning. I’ve previously boxed, but through classes with Pedro my technique was refined and greatly improved. Even though I only boxed for two weeks I felt welcomed into the community. The next time I find myself in Porto, I'll be back!

Conor Byron 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: I would reccomend training at Skills Academy 100%. As an English speaker new to Porto I was looking for somewhere I could train without speaking Portuguese and I definitely found it - Pedro speaks perfect English if that is what you are looking for. Pedro is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with and focuses on technique as much as also incorporating fitness work into workouts. I will be sad to leave when I move on from Porto and if I ever find myself back in Porto I will be back training straight away.

Filipa C Loureiro 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent training, team spirit and monitoring by the coaches to each person, even if we are in a group. Very good and I recommend it for all levels!

Bruno Cardoso 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Great facilities, highly qualified teachers and concerned with the particularity of each student, in short, everything you need to practice and evolve in the noble art!

François Gourmand 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: I am French and for me this club is practical, without fuss and with a good mentality, I recommend

Pedro Lopes 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent academy for the practice of sport, professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge. A great space with all the conditions. I've never practiced boxing, but at this gym you don't need to be a professional, as you'll always have a workout that's right for you, and meticulously thought out to help you evolve with each session you do. The team is very united and there is a great sense of mutual help. Perfect for those who like the sport, and if you've never tried it, I strongly advise you to do it here. I found a new me, physically (in progress) and mentally! Totally recommend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

José Guerra 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent professionals, facilities and training with a lot of dynamics and technical level

José Geraldes Reis 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent gym, in physical space, material available but above all in technical terms. Highly qualified and thorough instructors in teaching. Which is why my constant trip to Porto. And now also accompanied by one of my children. high professionalism

Renato Ribeiro 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: If you've tried boxing, you'll find it challenging and intense. If you've never practiced (you don't know what you're missing) you have the ideal space here. Excellent infrastructure, environment where everyone feels integrated and supported. More than I recommend. I advise you to take advantage of one of the experimental workouts and you'll see what comes back. PS: it may look like it was not ordered :)

Filipe Azevedo 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: A boxing gym for everyone, where everyone is welcome. In addition to excellent boxing and conditioning training, values ​​such as discipline, respect and perseverance are instilled. The good environment and the constant concern of the coaches with the athletes are the key points.

João Lemos 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent space to practice Boxing. Cozy space with a family atmosphere, with the Coach (Pedro Silva), always following the evolution of the students.

eurico alves 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Pedro is a great coach, in this academy where there is a good atmosphere and a lot of rigor to teach! I recommend

Thalita Prudlo 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Pedro is an excellent coach! The space is really clean and there is always a family-like atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Gonçalo Gomes 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: I started boxing at this gym with zero experience and from day one I was well received. Each day and each training session, you gain more desire and motivation for boxing due to the environment and taste for the sport experienced within the gym. I highly recommend it.

carlos abud 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Even tho i just stayed for a month, and it was my first time boxing, in my opinion Pedro (the box and stick teacher) really focuses on what you need/want. In my case, i told him i just wanted the box training, i didn't want to kill nobody. So the classes were mainly exercising in couples or in class as a team, a team he works on building each and every class, doing really everything you can without hurting yourself ( maybe just a bit ;) ) The classes went by flying and you can use the gym before and after the class for your own pleasure. Last thing i have to say, i really felt like home and i'd really love to be back. ENJOY!

João Cunha 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Without a doubt it is the best place to train stick-fighting (Filipino Martial Arts) and Boxing in Porto and surroundings. I feel privileged to train with Pedro for some good years and to be able to learn with his pragmatic and realistic method.

Jayde Desprez-Lin 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: The best boxing gym!! Pedro is an amazing coach as well as a kind, hilarious person who will help you become the best boxer you can be. I had never boxed before starting at Skills Academy, and in just 2 months I have improved so much while having fun! If you’re looking for an awesome workout, to refine your boxing skills, or just to find a great community of people, Skills Academy is for you.

Andrew May 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Started training here with no prior boxing experience and was warmly welcomed. The gym itself is great and the classes dynamic and fun. Great experience - 5 stars!

Rita Gaspar 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Incredible combat sports academy, boxing lessons are just what you're looking for at the end of a tiring and stressful day. Classes very well given by a coach concerned with the students and their evolution, which involves several training moments, helps in the physical condition but above all in the mental condition!

Renato Silva 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: When I started training, I was 45 years old and I thought that this type of sport would be nothing more than being able to punch and kick. Being passionate about sport and a great lover of combat arts and weapons, one day I experimented with Pedro an innovative way of training. From here, I managed to notice that no one puts as much humor, discipline, fun and demand in a training session as he does! Undoubtedly, he is creative and knows how to adapt any exercise to the individual capacity and the limitations or strengths of the student. More than a coach, he became a friend. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to evolve physically, go further and unlock their maximum potential.

Michel Rios 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: The best place to train in Porto! Pedro is the best coach I have ever had, in just a matter of weeks I have learned and improved a lot. Unmatched experience. : D

Renata Silva 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: At Skills Academy, I felt at home from the first class. I went to try it and it felt like it had been there for a long time and that it was exactly where it should be. Unlike other places where I have trained, I felt, and continue to feel, great support and mutual help from colleagues and the coach. There is a genuine concern for us and for our learning and evolution. We learn "skills" not only for our physical health, but also for our mental health. I strongly advise and am very grateful to be at the Academy this month and a half passed, for the people I met and for what I learned!

Tom Brothwell 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: I've had a great experience with boxing classes at Skills Academy. Pedro is an excellent, knowledgeable and easy-going teacher. The gym is spacious, clean and well-equipped.

Rafaela Carvalho 2 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Pedro changed my life and my idea of ​​exercise! Almost 3 months ago, I joined Skills Academy looking for help to get out of a sedentary life where work in front of the PC was daily and constant. Pedro accepted the challenge. 3 workouts per week went to 4, and now we have 5 workouts per week. Dynamic, fun and above all, productive workouts! He treats me like an athlete and I behave as such, always feeling pushed to reach my maximum potential. Pedro, thanks for the encouragement and fantastic work!

Paula Menescal 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Excellent training environment, with a great coach who always motivates us and makes us feel part of a whole, who has in him a passion for boxing and which shines through and transmits it all the time. For me it's been an amazing experience, where constant learning, companionship, good atmosphere and motivation are just some of the many great aspects that I highlight at Skills Academy.

Ailton Franke 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: I have been training boxing for about 5 years and I have already attended several gyms, but until today coach Pedro was the one who showed the most knowledge in the techniques even in their smallest details. I recommend this gym to anyone who wants to start or refine their boxing skills.

rui nunes 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: This academy has excellent conditions in terms of structure and in terms of coaches and colleagues it is excellent because there is a huge spirit of mutual help and anyone who wants to learn the art of boxing I recommend this academy.

Sónia Mota 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: I walked in without even knowing how to put on boxing gloves, but I felt welcome. Pedro makes a point of giving classes that suit everyone's level! Very good atmosphere, the staff is all humble and willing to help each other. And you learn a lot!

Rafael Nogueira 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: The Skills Academy, for me, is an academy for combat sports of excellence. There are two reasons that justify this classification: 1) It is a very well organized infrastructure (space), which has a large quantity and quality of material for the best training and always very clean and cared for. 2) Coach Pedro, who had known him for a few years and I see him as a reference, thanks to his skills, was the big reason why I didn't think twice about returning to the gym. A simple, rigorous, friendly and extremely methodical person. The diversity and amount of exercises he knows, his taste for teaching and his empathy, makes him one of the best Coaches and PTs I've ever had. Together we were able to go beyond limits and always improve a little more training for training. More than a service, Skills Acedemy provides integration between its athletes and staff, thus combining a perfect environment to do more, better and never think about giving up.

Ricardo Correia 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Skills Academy, I attend this school with great enthusiasm and commitment. Providing a wide indoor space in depth with good natural light, the Outdoor space is certainly great for hot days and for feeling the fresh air during your workout. The student-teacher interaction is central and in this academy we find that, rigorous and disciplined training is in parallel with good citizenship practices and personal values, making us grow physically but also psychologically. Personal and collective gains appeared vividly in the presence of this beautiful formation.

Leonel Duarte 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: An academy founded on principles and values. There is a strong team spirit, respect and experience sharing, regardless of the level of each one. It offers personalized training, in a relaxed atmosphere, and has a great time availability. The training is intense and given with high professionalism. Trainer with a natural talent for teaching and an impressive ability to explain complex techniques in a simple and rigorous way. He is always with a positive mindset and available to help students to be better people, whether inside or outside the ring.

Carol Trisorio 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: great training, diversified and international group, flexible hours and activities!

Yohan Chouteau 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: Academy that provides team spirit, cohesion, training adapted for everyone, human values ​​combativeness, rigor and determination transmitted through a trainer who will serve you inside and outside the ring. (trainer who will always keep a smile on his face and unlimited patience ... Unless students don't apply )

Ivo Monteiro 3 years ago

Experiência fantástica: If I say that this space is the best place I have ever found for the practice of combat sports, you will find that I am exaggerating out of friendship; but the truth is that it is. If I tell you that Pedro is the most complete and holistic teacher I have met in my years of martial study, you will think that I say this because we are friends; but the truth is that it is. Try it and see for yourself if I am right or not. Good training.

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