Informações sobre o Beinshape

R. António Francisco Melro nº12
7000-212, Évora
+351 964 001 188

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 22:30
  • sábado: 09:30 – 18:00
  • domingo: 09:30 – 14:00


Beinshape ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Beinshape: Opiniões

Pica Milho 9 months ago


Simone Moraes 1 year ago

Best gym with the best teachers to train in Évora!

Rui Cordovil Cardoso 1 year ago

Attractive prices

Mariana Silveira 1 year ago

Very friendly staff, good prices for what they offer.

Ricardo Ribeiro 1 year ago


Henrique Garcia 1 year ago

High quality gym with excellent staff

Arlindo Lima 1 year ago

I still only go to the gym for 2 weeks but since the first day they have always been very attentive. In the first week you have a physical assessment with training plans and a nutritionist. Thanks to everyone from reception to teachers, always very nice.

Vera 1 year ago

I have been practicing regular physical activity for 6 years thanks to Beinshape professionals: very prepared, dynamic, motivating and attentive to the needs of each client, in an informal and relaxed environment. They also revealed great adaptability and creativity to remain present and active in Covid's times. Undoubtedly, the mandatory gym in the city of Évora.

joaquim almeida 1 year ago

Spectacular, it's a second home.

Soraia Almeida 1 year ago

The best

salomé silva 1 year ago

Good adaptation to the time of COVID, good spas, good initial assessment, competitive prices, very dynamic group classes.

claudia mendonca 1 year ago

Very good service. Super prepared and friendly people. Smile on your face always !!!!

Sergio Coelho 1 year ago

Attentive, friendly, super competent, top conditions, a team, that are like a family for any client. I recommend it to any sports lover. Hug to everyone.

Jorge Pereira 1 year ago

Professionals and facilities 5*

Rui Pires 1 year ago

More than a gym, it's a family! Rui Pires

João Alpalhão 1 year ago

Large family and excellent professionals

Ines Fadista 1 year ago

I had never been to the gym before and I found a family there always ready to guide us. Thank you for always welcoming me with that smile.

Fátima Carneiro 1 year ago

The best gym in Évora. Very good staff very fun and willing to help.

Roy B. 1 year ago

Simply flawless on every level. The music could be better

Nuno Ferreira 2 years ago

There's a bar all the way

maria marques 2 years ago

Here I have a good time. Family atmosphere and very humane

Ana Figueiredo 2 years ago

They are all 5 stars. from the space to the content of the classes and the coaches. In family

Carla Duarte 2 years ago

Great gym. Good instructors and great accompaniment! Very good facilities. All in one :)

Pedro Afonso 2 years ago

andrei de morais de souza 2 years ago

Best gym in Évora! Wide variety of classes, equipped gym and super qualified professionals!

Renata Kintschner 2 years ago

Great gym! Parking, large and well-equipped weight room, several options for group classes and great staff!

nelson pinheiro 2 years ago

I frequent and recommend !!!

Miguel Cabral 2 years ago

Spectacular, best gym in Évora and surroundings !!

Pedro Pereira 3 years ago


Ricardo Vicente Barrelas 3 years ago

The best gym in Évora is surroundings

ShaBer 3 years ago

Good quality gym with a wide range of classes

Stéphane Martins 3 years ago

Staff just fantastic. I feel at home.

Pessoa 3 years ago

Excellent in all aspects.

Paulo Sérgio Mendes 3 years ago

Great environment and great professionals.

Guilherme Correia 3 years ago

Great #Befamily gym. Excellent professionals

Ivo Tondela 3 years ago

Good gym, good prices and great staff. Congratulations

Joao Paulo 3 years ago


Bakou Tar 4 years ago

Best Gym in Évora fantastic staff Good equipment I recommend

Duarte Morte 4 years ago

Very good, and very friendly staff! I recommend

Joel Ferreira 4 years ago

Loved it.

Carla Melo 4 years ago

A place where I feel good

vanda isabel 4 years ago

My gym! For those who didn't like to exercise, they managed to get me addicted!

Ftelo Telo 4 years ago

Top. Best gym in Évora

Lilly baessa 4 years ago


Luis Seco 5 years ago

Incredible gym. Top equipment, excellent professionals, relaxed and family atmosphere.

João Gabriel Sabino 5 years ago

Gym with excellent atmosphere, good professionals and a beautiful bar!

Marco Patoleia 5 years ago

very good advise

Susana Amaral 5 years ago

Love it! :-) good professionals, a family always willing to help fulfill the goals, thanks for everything!

Nelson Barrambanas 6 years ago

A very good team

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