Informações sobre o OMG Infesta

R. da Conceição 984
4465-088, São Mamede da Infesta
+351 931 404 030

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 23:00
  • sábado: 08:00 – 19:00
  • domingo: 09:00 – 13:00


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OMG Infesta: Opiniões

Emerson Caceres 3 weeks ago

Our Perfect Gym, impeccable machines, Staff note 10... I'm loving my new Gym.. Congratulations for the whole team..

Sidiney Dos Santos 1 month ago

Great service in a good location

Cláudia Teigon 1 month ago

Friendly staff, good conditions. good access

Isabel Damião 2 months ago

I liked the space and the people who work there, as well as the different modalities that exist there. Next week I'm signing up to do Hydrogymnastics, Yoga and Pilates.

Jorge Caldas 3 months ago

I'm still at the beginning but I like the space and amount of machines that are available, friendliness in the service.

Paulo Moreira 3 months ago

A big gym, literally huge, with a huge variety of machines and facilities. Always attentive teachers, hygiene above all criticism, I'm just sorry I didn't come sooner!

mariana freitas 4 months ago

Big space, variety of appliances, it's not crowded and the price is very good.

Carla Pinto 5 months ago

Excellent professionals, cozy and clean space

Mariana Bandeira 6 months ago

Well organized, good equipment and good professionals. I recommend.

Céu Rosinha 6 months ago

Very good quality at low price

Josenildo Amorim 6 months ago

Excellent quality of machines. Lots of class options. Very complete physical and nutritional assessment as well

Fatima Costa 6 months ago

With teachers and staff so empathetic and professional, I could only rate you with all the stars that exist ..Going to this gym for me is something wonderful!

Patricia Santos 8 months ago

The whole team, it's spectacular, I love it.

Paulo Pinto (The Bala) 8 months ago

Sober and adequate facilities Spectacular team!

Cátia Alexandra Martins 8 months ago

When in 2019 I chose as a New Year's resolution to start going to the Infesta HC gym, I never expected that I would finally fulfill that old promise. Three years later, what was once an obligation is now an addiction! I love the family atmosphere and the diversity of classes and schedules. The teachers are all amazing. For those who want to finally start going to the gym in 2022, here's the solution. :)

Jose Manuel Silva 11 months ago

Excellent team of professionals.

Miguel Miranda 1 year ago

Best gym in the area.

Edlaine Andrade 1 year ago

The best gym

Tiago Jesus 1 year ago

Very nice friendly people and great conditions.

Ricardo Nogueira 1 year ago

I'm just a short time at the gym, I'm enjoying the people are very nice and the teachers are very attentive...

Manuel Morais 1 year ago

Spectacular. The staff are friendly and very committed. The monitors are very motivating and very well prepared, in short, I can only give 5 stars!

Sérgio Silva 1 year ago

Great facilities, good atmosphere, attentive and very professional staff, grade 5+++.

Nietzche David Bermudez 1 year ago

Place with very friendly people and good teachers

Andreia Antunes 1 year ago

Well coordinated and organized by the local responsible (manager). The whole team is proactive and has a great spirit of mutual help. All the staff listen to us and are always ready to help. Hygienization is a requirement nowadays, especially in places like gyms, they fulfill the eye. And those who frequent the space, I say proudly, act with civility and contribute to keeping the space spotless by being responsible for cleaning the machines and equipment before and after use. IT'S GOOD TO BE ON THIS TEAM!

Cátia Azenha 1 year ago

Cozy gym, fantastic staff and super affordable prices. It's worth training in spaces like this!!!

Rui Flores 2 years ago

Gym health club very good! With pool and classes for all ages from babies to adults. Very professional and friendly staff .... *****

Antonio Marinho 2 years ago


Ivo Palmeira 2 years ago

Good service, spectacular space. Reasonable pool and gym part. Price very good quality ?

monty singh 2 years ago

I love this gym. Superb gym with modern equipment. You have to go and check out once.

Rosimeire Porto 2 years ago

Excellent place, very clean, team of professionals note 10

Juliana Loss 2 years ago

Very well organized gym and good infrastructure. The people who work there are always very attentive and make the place very pleasant. The classes are very good and the application helps a lot to get organized to plan weekly activities.

Mónica Bernardo Caldas 2 years ago

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Many machines. Lots of cleaning and lots of choice of classes

Edmur Gutierrez 2 years ago

I didn't love it, Just worship Jehovah ... I love being at Infesta Health Club, I would just do "Some Observations" ...

Ana coutinho 2 years ago

With due care about the pandemic and friendly and always helpful staff.

Jeff Ribeiro 3 years ago

Excellent gym with excellent staff.

Pedro Santos 3 years ago

Very friendly. Ample and new space.

Márcio Coutinho 3 years ago

Only the promised pool is missing, but I love it !!!

Ana Margarida Santos 3 years ago

Now with the new pool is TOP !!

Isabel Amorim 3 years ago

Space and staff 5 stars!

Sblue Dragon (Sbluedragon) 3 years ago

Good atmosphere, welcoming, good employees, machines in good condition. A great gym for training.

Doglas Oliveira 3 years ago

Gym very well equipped and with very polite staff.

Alexandre Saraiva 3 years ago

Top top local to exercise my body in various ways with personalized service I am from Gaia and whenever I come to São Mamede from infestation and I can come to exercise body ??

Ines Teixeira 3 years ago

Now opened the swimming pool good atmosphere, good teachers and spectacular lessons ...

Mauro Amaral 4 years ago

The chosen one.

João Salema 4 years ago

5-star staff, spectacular facilities and good machines

Rosário costa 4 years ago

Fantastic gym where professionalism and friendliness reign!

Ricardo Rocha 4 years ago

Great facilities with everything you would expect from a gym.

Miguel Barros 4 years ago

Great place to train ... Spectacular and collaborative environment. It opened a short time ago but so far nothing to point out ...

Ricardo Pinto 4 years ago

Good training place, good professionals, good group classes, excellent space and atmosphere.

Flavio Santos 4 years ago

By far the best gym in the region of Matosinhos and Porto. There are almost 5000m2 for those who want to work out strong and keep up to date. Price slightly above the competitor, but offers many advantages.

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