Informações sobre o Complexo Desportivo Municipal da Abóboda

R. Mouzinho de Albuquerque 186
2785-543, São Domingos de Rana
+351 21 448 9720

Horário de funcionamento

  • segunda-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • terça-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quarta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • quinta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sexta-feira: 07:00 – 22:00
  • sábado: 08:00 – 20:00
  • domingo: 08:00 – 14:00

Uma das principais causas de morte em Portugal continua a relacionar-se com as doenças cardiovasculares e um dos grandes culpados é o sal, que conduz a um aumento da tensão arterial.

Faça longas respirações controladas por 60 segundos em momentos stressantes ou de cansaço, pois respirações profundas diminuem a pressão sanguínea e a produção de hormonasnios de stress, e assim ajudam a diminuir a ansiedade e a inquietação.

a água é o nutriente mais abundante no corpo, sendo que desempenha papéis fundamentais. Algumas das funções são: transportar nutrientes para as células, regular a temperatura corporal e atua nos processos fisiológicos de digestão,


Complexo Desportivo Municipal da Abóboda ainda não preencheu a sua descrição.

Complexo Desportivo Municipal da Abóboda: Opiniões

maria marques 1 month ago

Top5* friendliness, clean professionalism I recommend

Bruno Gomes 1 month ago

Good service

Miguel Carrasco 1 month ago

Beautiful. Great swimming pools for the youngsters to learn.

Alexandre Morais 1 month ago

The best nutrition consultations with Dr.Margarida! I strongly recommend

Paulo Sun 1 month ago

The Abóboda Municipal Sports Complex, hereinafter abbreviated as CDMA, is a municipal sports building whose management was assigned by the Municipality of Cascais to CASCAIS ENVOLVENTE – Gestão Social da Habitação, E.M., S.A., in July 2014. CDMA's mission is to create, develop and promote good practices of regular physical exercise that provide citizens with experiences of full well-being for a quality life, knowing that sport is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. At the Abóboda Sports Complex you can practice various water sports, namely: Pure Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming, Hydrogymnastics classes, Learning classes, classes for Babies, and Hydrotherapy

Margarida Lopes 1 month ago

25 m pool with glass sides where, in the morning, the sun enters. It feels like swimming outdoors.

Gustavo Capacle 1 month ago

Great family atmosphere, excellent place for swimming for the little ones.

Carlos Jesus 2 months ago

Gym with family atmosphere. Very peaceful to train.

João Genial 2 months ago

It's good

Albert Luks 2 months ago

Great placement, dedicated teachers and good price

Juan Hossi 4 months ago

An excellent complex, with excellent services and generally excellent staff. I am proud to be a regular attendee of this organization. Congratulations CMC for the performance provided here.

Lucia Silva 4 months ago

My puppy's first swimming pool and swimming class. The lady at the pool reception, teacher, staff are very sweet. Thank you very much. I didn't know and now that I go every week, I'm really happy for all the care and facilities. the team a heartfelt thank you ??????????


A great place to do a sport I highly recommend.

Bruno Inácio 5 months ago

Lots of offer, good areas

Ana Cristina de Almeida 5 months ago

Excellent space, very clean

Alfredo Assuncao 5 months ago

Very good

marta carriço 6 months ago


Maria Catarina Mendes 6 months ago

Very good

Tato 6 months ago

Excellent place with professionals super attentive to the care of people.

Olga Grybchuk 10 months ago


Sonia Nicandro 1 year ago

Espaço muito agradável para fazer um bom treino, e tem espaço infantil para entreter as crianças.

Pedro Capelinha 1 year ago

Excellent for athletics, series and continuous running using the bike path.

João Alves 1 year ago

Very good, I went only as a visitor and I liked what I saw in a very interesting complex (not only swimming pools). I recommend

Ilda Camacho 1 year ago

A wonderful space for exercising with an excellent team of professionals. Thank you very much

Nuno Medeiros 1 year ago

Good space for the practice of various sports. Relaxed environment, careful with hygiene. I recommend.

Margarida Gonçalves 1 year ago

I loved the pool. Great facilities. Very nice staff

Pedro Fernandes 1 year ago

Spectacular setting & top-floor fields

Sacha Matias , Método Dr Performance 15 minutos 1 year ago

The best swimming pools in the metropolitan area of ??Lisbon, incredible security, well-defined circuits and the best employees I've ever seen

Manuel 1 year ago

I recommend. Excellent facilities, friendly and competent staff, all clean and organized, above average.

Nelina Martins 1 year ago

the reception staff are very professional and help, the pool is clean.

Rita Ferreira 1 year ago

Good facilities with varied activities, good teachers and good services.

Cristiana André 1 year ago

A calm place. Perfect for improving swimming methods.

Ernesto Rebocho 1 year ago

I have my daughter practicing some sports there excellent professionals Price vs quality make it highly recommendable

Hermes Gomes 1 year ago

Best place to train with pool options, excellent professionals

CattyMoutinho 2 years ago

Great facilities and nice people and teachers!

Diuliane Venâncio 2 years ago

I am simply in love .. All the teachers I have had contact with until today are very attentive and at the reception also the gentleman who attended me five stars .. I am very satisfied

Silvino Cardoso 2 years ago

Great swimming pool facilities. Also has gymnastics and gym classes.

Paula ferreira lopes 2 years ago

Very good atmosphere and great pools where my children went.

Manuel Couto 3 years ago

Good quality and price for the gymnasium and also for the pool and excellent for the staff always ready to assist.

BARENA FILM & SPORTS 3 years ago

I'm going to train twice a week and the facilities are great!

Anne Fernandes 3 years ago

First impression. Very bright and airy Nice modern, clean feel to a spotless gym. Went for a nutritionist Drs Margarida Tinoco. 1st appt. Very impressed with the way I was guided thru an effortless consultation. Now thinking of joining the gym. I was so impressed. The staff on reception very friendly and helpful. Thumbs up!

Carlos Angel Schutte 3 years ago

Excellent place, great gym! Wonderful people. Was there training with Wave Crusher Training System people and its a must if you wana make the most in Portugal's big waves!!! Come and join us!!!

DANIEL SANDU 3 years ago

It has sauna, Turkish bath, the price is acceptable (32e access to gym, other group lessons and pool, 28e without access to pool).

Solange Menezes 3 years ago

Excellent swimming teachers for children, clean and well supervised space. You only need accessible lockers or a locker room with free individual capacity for users.

Catia Felix 3 years ago

Lots of variety of classes. Relation quality price interesting. Swimming lessons for very full babies

Zelda Invernizzi 4 years ago

Little expensive, but it was really clean and lighting place

Albano Grancha 4 years ago

I am pleased to have chosen this Complex to be able to practice "water aerobics", great location, excellent facilities, I emphasize cleanliness and hygiene, the environment, the always attentive staff, the dedicated and easy-to-use monitors, all the facilities very well equipped with a bar well-organized support team with variety ... Anyway, I score 100 in my classification.

Pedro Ferreira 5 years ago

Good facilities! Good prices and friendly staff!

Rui Gonçalves 5 years ago

Excellent conditions and a wide range of activities, with emphasis on the Water Polo! It is the home of the Cascais Water Polo Club, the largest school in the sport in Portugal!

Mario Domingos 5 years ago

Great place for hydro-gymnastics, swimming, besides having a great gym. -

Rui Pedro Xavier 6 years ago

Excellent infrastructure and conditions. Many activities available including group classes and gym. Value for money above average.

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